5th May '24  Winged Foot Trophy Handicap 5 & 3K races at Auckland Domain, Grafton.  Results/times  as so far provided below:

5K  Richie Trathen 30:43 . Tracey Walsh 37:02 .

3K  Angela 25:19 . Ruby 25:24 . Matthew  25:25 . Annie 29:31 .

*Handicap comparisons  yet to be confirmed. 

4th May 60th Rotorua Marathon  A fresh (5 Deg.C) sunny morning greeted the runners & walkers here.

Report & Comments on Walkers connected to us are mentioned below :

 Scott Dean (Pakuranga) was 9th overall & 2nd in 40-44 age group in 5:31:11 Net. A great effort.                           Gareth Jess (B Grade) achieved his goal of finishing his 25th Rotorua  Marathon for 80th place overall, 45th of  61 (Males) in  Champs.The latter is a Survivor Club Member. 136 walkers started and 118 finished this lap of the lake.   Out of interest figures so far show only just over 1,300 runners entered & 1152 finished the full course.

13th April '24 Southland Centennial Relay Sacred Heart College (playing fields) Glendowie

3 walk teams took part alongside runners on the 3K (2 lap) circuit in mainly fine & breezy conditions.

'Kura : Angela Baird 22:03, Matthew Baird 23:32 (Cumulative 45:35) 3rd -02:55, 3rd place handicap.

Pac 1 : Gareth Jess 23:12, Richie Trathen 15:34 (Cumulative 38:46) 2nd  -00:54, (fastest) 2nd handicap. 

​​​​​​​Pac 2 : Don Hitchings 27:43, Scott Dean 20:01  (Cumulative 47:44) -00:16, 1st team on handicap.

Thanks to Don for coming along to make Scott's team  & all for putting in fine efforts on the day. All teams were faster than their estimated times.

​​​​​​​7th April Athletics Auckland Half-Marathon Champs (Waterfront - Tamaki Drive)

Some note-worthy performances from fellow walkers on the day were:

​​​​​​​Scott Dean's 2:34:31 for 2nd place (men's).

In the 10K - Rodney Thorne 1:08:15 (1st overall). Chris Blomfield 1:11:55 (4th overall).


31st March '24 RWA Club Champs 5,000m. Yvette Williams Track, Pakuranga

Just a handful of walkers took on today's challenge on a fine, cool Easter Sunday morning. A brisk Richie was in fine form & finished well ahead of the more senior walkers present which included our guest Chris.

The finishing order & times recorded are listed below:

1st ​​​​​​​Richie Trathen 28:53, 2nd Chris Blomfield 36:40, 3rd Gareth Jess 37:33, 4th (1st Lady) Tracey Walsh 37:44 .

Many thanks to Mike Trathen for lap counting & timing of the event.

14th -17th March NZ Track & Field Champs Newtown Park, Wellington.

Special congratulations to: Alana, Richie & Yandri for earning medals  by either winning & or producing podium finishes for their fine efforts on the day.

10,000m Walk U20 Women's 1st - Alana Matthews (AKL) 1:02:41.94

  3,000m Walk U20 Women 1st - Alana Matthews (AKL) 16:57.74

  3,000m Walk U18 Women  1st - Sinead O'Sullivan (Taranaki) 15:47.2, 2nd - Yandri Fourie (AKL) 16:42.01,

                                                   3rd - Stacey Hooper (Cant) 18:01.97, 4th - Molly O'Reilly (Cant) 18:21.13

  5,000m Walk U18 Women (All 3 competitors were disqualified).

  3,000m Walk U18 Men 1st - Richie Trathen (AKL) 13:43.12

​​​​​​​  5,000m Walk U18 Men 1st - Richie Trathen (AKL) 23:38.87


​​​​​​​3 March 2024: RWA Winged Foot Trophy 3km/5km Auckland Domain

A large field of walkers turned up amonst the masses of cricket players at the Domain.

Some walkers were backing up from the previous day's AAI Mile Champs, and others were in preparation mode for the coming ANZ National Track and Field Champs.

Beating the handicapper, coming out at the head of the field was Alana Mathews with a quick time of 31:13 for 5km, 2:01 below the handicap. Rodney Thorne's 32:00 at 1:07 under handicap saw him take second spot ahead of Tracey Walsh whose 37:43 was 59 seconds under.

The other 5km walker, Richie Trathen was 37 seconds over his handicap, recording 33:47.

Ruby Walsh and Morgan Day also completed 3km, taking 26:14 and 21:53 respectively.

For those that might doubt the handicapper's methodology, consider this: Yandri Fourie's 3km time of 21:29 exactly matched her handicap time, whilst in contrast, the handicapper and his wife  each took more than 5 minutes more than their handicap.


25th Feb.'24  RWA Training on Yvette Williams Track Pakuranga (Alana Barber leading).

The worst of the early morning rain had abated for this 8.30am session which included the usual warm-up drills before more serious alternating 200m brisk/easier  rep. intervals were undertaken on a slippery track. Damian & Isabella also kept a close eye on proceedings. This was well attended on the day by 17 or so people & great to see parents joining in (some jogging around). I wondered did Matthew Baird think we'd be taking on the water jump?


3rd/4th Feb.'24  Athletics Auckland Track & Field Champs Mt. Smart Stadium

5,000 Metre Racewalk U18 Men - 1st. Richie  Trathen (Pakuranga) 24:50:11 .

                                        U18 Women - 1st. Yandri Fourie (Pakuranga) 29:58:00 .

10,000 Metre Racewalk U20 Women - 1st. Alana Matthews (RWA) 1:04:33.94 .

                                           Senior Women - Karen Davison (NHB) D.Q. TR 54.7.5

Congrats. &  there were notably fine efforts by all of the above walkers on the day.

19th January 2024 Racewalking Auckland 3000m Club Championship; Lovelock Track

A hot morning greeted the walkers for the first event of the 2024 calendar year.

Rodney Thorne predictably emerged as the Senior Men's winner in 19:43 well ahead of Grant Pepper's 26:09

The Senior Woman's contest also resulted in a clear margin between Tracy Walsh with 22:31 followed by Marilyn O'Hara in 26:21.

The Junior Girls championship was more closely contested, with Angela Baird taking 22:03 , finishing 14 seconds ahead of Ruby Walsh.

In the Junior Men's event, Mathew Baird had  the race completely at his mercy with 22:04.

5th-7th January 2024 Colgate Games (North island)

Mens Grade 14 2000m Racewalk Highlighter


1.-Harrison Day12:14.42aPRPakuranga Athletic Club Inc

2.10Ethan Devine12:54.17aPRFairfield Athletic Club

3.-Drew Smal14:43.19aPRPakuranga Athletic Club Inc

--.-Finn BennettDQAshhurst Athletic and Harrier Club

Womens Grade 14 2000m Racewalk Highlighter


1.-Veronique Koole12:54.72aPRPakuranga Athletic Club Inc

2.-Ruby Walsh13:53.80aPRRacewalking Auckland

3.-Jordyn Tukukino14:52.42aPRManurewa Amateur Athletics and Harrier Club

17th December '23 "IL MONDO" Final Event of the year. Greenwood's Corner Epsom

Fine, sunny conditions today & a good turn-out for the walks. It was that lad Richie (again) taking full honours for the 3 lap (6K) race with the stylish Alana Matthews & Rodney Thorne taking 2nd & 3rd places respectively. Gareth was 4th & Tracey just a little further back on the course. Grant & Pauline were next in line with solid efforts. Matthew took out the 2 lap (4K) race which Marilyn also completed with Annie Baird. Meanwhile Ruby & Angela finished together in the single lap (2K). Tania Boyer graciously provided lap counting & timing for us.

​​​​​​​Results: 6K - Richie Trathen 40:46, Alana Matthews 43:51, Rodney Thorne 43:53, Gareth Jess 47:08,

Tracey Walsh 48:45, Grant Pepper 58:17, Pauline Matthews 58:23.

4K - Matthew Baird 31:58, Marilyn O'Hara & Annie Baird 44:18.  2K - Ruby Walsh & Angela Baird 17:07.

Some "worms of wisdey" followed from Grant & then onto Urban Verge for Brunch (nice) Alana Barber sent her warm greetings over the telerister to all & CDM's from Annie were muchly appreciated. Greetings of Deep Joy & a Merry Chrimbold to all for the Seasy!


​​​​​​​8/10 December 2023 50th N.Z. Secondary Schools Champs Christchurch

3000m Race Walks

Males: Jonah Cropp (St Andrew’s C) 12:53.06, Toby O’Rorke (Francis Douglas MC) 14:04.72, Richie Trathan (Macleans C) 14:29.85 PB.

Females: Alana Mathews (Rosehill C) 18:05.96, Molly O’Reilly (Villa Maria C) 18:43.07, Stacey Hooper (Rolleston C) 19:30.56.

2000m Race Walk Girls: Alysa Brown (Lincoln HS) 10:13.30 (best performance), Yandri Fourie (Epsom GGS) 10:32.18, Alyssa Velluppillai (Nelson CG) 12:33.71.    

Well done & congrats to our Juniors here: Richie, Alana & Yandri.

3rd Dec.'23 Yvette Williams Track Junior time-trials

Layers of Low level grey Stratus clouds ( no precipitation) presented fairly mild conditions for these walks. Recorded times were:

3,000m Richie Trathen 15:28

2,000m Yandri Fourie 10:39, Alana Matthews 12:00, Ruby Walsh 14:05, Drew Smal 15:14 

​​​​​​​Pleasing to see the development of all these young athletes & good luck to those going to Christchurch for next week's National School Champs.


25th Nov.'23 Dick Quax Memorial Meeting at Yvette Williams Track

Highlights were: Yandri's setting of a new Auckland record (& breaking her own previous 11:01:00) in her event here. Also great work from Veronique Koole & Drew Smal in their races on the day.

2000m Racewalk  U14 Girls, 1st - Veronique Koole (Pakuranga) 13:20.73

                                  U16 Girls, 1st - Yandri Fourie (Pakuranga) 10:13.04

​​​​​​​                                 Grade 14 boys, 1st - Drew Smal (Pakuranga) 15:13.25

​​​​​​​19th Nov.'23 Yvette Williams Track (Recovery walking short, easy'ish today).

Wet & puddly on the track & environs in the main, rain eased & a belated Waterfront Half-Marathon bronze medal was presented to Gareth.


18th Nov.'23 McKinnon Shield 3. Mt. Smart

2000m Racewalk

Female U14 1st-Morgan Day (Pakuranga) 11:57.65 

Female U16 1st-Yandri Fourie (Pakuranga) 10:28.73, 2nd-Ruby Walsh (RWA) 14:37.60

Female U20 1st-Alana Matthews (RWA) 11:51.80

Male U16 1st-Drew Smal (Pakuranga) 14:59.64

3000m Racewalk

Male U18 1st-Richie Trathen (Pakuranga) 14:39.20


12th Nov.'23 Peter Phillpotts Trophy (Guess-timate) Auckland Domain, Grafton.

5K - Richie Trathen 29:30(-1:39), Rodney Thorne 33:08(-1:02), Alana Matthews 33:57(-1:18), Gareth Jess              38:04(-1:46), Tracey Walsh 38:15(-1:25), Grant Pepper 43:01(+1:20), Marilyn O'Hara 45:19(+1:57).

3K - Ruby Walsh 24:30(-0:29), Mike Trathen 32:24(+2:24). Figures in brackets are deltas from walker's own        estimated  times. Ruby was accordingly declared the winner of this year's trophy! A day of fun,challenge &   some 'amusing' jokes. Thanks again Peter for  C.D.M's & prizes on the day. Tania for timing & support.Good     to see Mike joining in too on the day.


5th Nov.'23 Mt. Smart Mckinnon Shield 2.

2000m Women U16  1st - Yandri Fourie (Pakuranga) 10:37, 2nd Ruby Walsh (RWA) 14:34

3000m Masters Women 1st - Karen Davison (North Harbour) 23:18

​​​​​​​3000m Men U18  1st - Richie Trathen (Pakuranga) 14:38

3000m Masters 1st - Scott Dean  (Pakuranga) 19:55

28th Oct.'23 Mt. Smart McKinnon Shield 1.

2000m Walk  Women U16 1st -Yandri Fourie (Pakuranga) 10:40

2000m Walk Men U18 1st - Richie Trathen (Pakuranga) 9:30

​​​​​​​3000m Walk Masters Men  1st - Scott Dean (Pakuranga) 19:41


22nd Oct.'23 Yvette Williams Track, Pakuranga

After a 2K steady warm-up walk around Lloyd Elsmore environs another session from Alana was presented to us by Grant. This mainly involved multiple repetitions of:  rapid tech. walking on the straights followed by easier walking of the bends. It should be mentioned that all athletes are taking on these tasks with enthusiasm & enjoying the variety provided. Thanks to all 11 involved in the above.

​​​​​​​15th Oct.'23  Ailsa Forbes Memorial (2 mile Guess-timate) Auckland Domain

An octet of walkers took on this challenge, results are listed below in order closest to their ETA's.

Richie Trathen 19:57 (+1:45), Angela Baird 25:08 (+2:08), Matthew Baird 25:21 (+2:21), Grant Pepper 28:47 (+2:42), Yandri Fourie 23:21 (+3:30), Tracey Walsh 25:25 (+3:55), Marilyn O'Hara 31:10 (+4:10) ,Ruby Walsh 26:44 (+5:44) .  All our walkers times were slower than they had estimated.

8th Oct.'23 Yvette Williams Track, Pakuranga. Training Session.

It was a case of "no rest for the wicked" & others, on another fine morning. There was a  big turnout on the day (14) & great to see Alana Matthews back on the scene after quite a while from her injury. Drills included 100m (Juniors) & 200m(Seniors) leg speed "sprints" 10 off! Birthday wishes to Marilyn O'Hara for the 9th!

1st Oct.'23  Yvette Williams Track, Pakuranga. Creamer-Wilson Mile.

Just a trio of athletes took on this race in sunny conditions with a strong cooling breeze to contend with. Guest walker Scott cleared away somewhat in fine form ahead of the field with Tracey also putting in a good shift  followed by Gareth. Results are listed below:

​​​​​​​1st.  Scott Dean (10:25),  2nd. Tracey Walsh (11:28),  3rd. Gareth Jess (12:03).

​​​​​​​24th Sept.'23 Victoria Park Auckland

A hand-full of walkers were present on a cool morning here. Gareth had measured & chalked out a 1K loop around the park as a guide for a few drills that were taken on after warming up exercises. Coach Grant, Marilyn,Ruby & Tracey Walsh  plus "El Chalkero" enjoyed a good fun training work-out.

21st September '23  * Very special event (arrival of Isabella Blocki) our latest new member courtesy of proud parents Alana & Damian. All of our very best wishes to you both & your lovely baby girl! 

17th Sept'23 Athletics Auckland Road Relays, Mt. Smart

Race 2 - 6 Laps (2.5K approx. per lap).

Official Cumulative Times below:

1st. (936) Avengers:  Angela BAIRD, Matthew BAIRD, Yandri FOURIE, Richie TRATHEN. 1:35:26 

2nd. (937) Titans:  Rodney THORNE, Ruby WALSH, Drew SMAL. 1:44:53 

3rd. (938) Thunderbolts:  Tracey WALSH, Gareth JESS, Scott DEAN. 1:46:19 

A young Avengers team were clear winners on the day by over 9 mins. the battle between the next 2 teams was much closer though & Rodney's 3 laps for Titans & Scott's fine, fast technical effort for Thunderbolts were stand-outs. Congrats to all for taking on the challenge in fine breezy conditions. Also Grant for timing etc. Marilyn (marshalling). Great vocal support noted from parents & spectators in the stadium was very much appreciated. 


​​​​​​​10th September '23 National Road Champs, Palmerston North

Results Summary as listed on Webscorer site:

 ​​​​​​​5K  (U18 Men) 1st  Richie Trathen  25:50

 5K (U16 Men)  2nd  Drew Smal  38:59

 5K (U18 Women) 2nd Yandri Fourie 30:09

 3K (U14 Girls) 1st Morgan Day 18:36

​​​​​​​These age-group races were fiercely contested, as illustrated particularly in Yandri's race where she was less than 3 seconds behind the winner! We had no representation in the 10K or 20K walks. Overall  it was a strong showing in fine conditions from the above Auckland Athletes representing Pakuranga Club.


​​​​​​​3rd September '23  Training at Yvette Williams Track, Pakuranga.

Following a 3K fairly leisurely warm-up around Lloyd Elsmore Park we undertook some (8) X 100 metre leg-speed walk sprints on the track. Annette (Marilyn's sister) came along for the morning with Marilyn, Coach Grant, Richie,Drew, Ruby, Matthew,Angela,Tania & Joanna. Gareth had returned from his Australian rail trip to take part. The session was generally well-received. Thanks to Grant for keeping us on task.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​20th August '23  Athletics Auckland Road Champs - Bruce Pulman Park, Papakura.

In cool'ish late winter conditions walkers took on this regional event. Results are listed below:

5K Walk U18 Men - Richie Trathen 26:20.   U18 Women - Yandri Fourie 32:20.

3K Walk U16 Men - Drew Smal  23:28.  U16 Women - Ruby Walsh 23:10.  U14 Girls - Morgan Day 23:05.

2K Walk U12 Boys - Matthew Baird 15:02.  U12 Girls - Angela Baird 15:11.

Some brisk times were recorded on the day & in particular little battles in the 3 & 2K walks, plus sibling rivalry (from the Bairds) added to the drama. Richie put in an outstanding effort again as he develops as an athlete, as did Yandri Fourie in her race on the day. Credit to all for completing this judged event.

13th August '23  Yvette Williams Track  Training session

Nuestra Presidente (Grant Pepper) delivered the prescribed work-out for Drew Smal & Richie Trathen this busy morning at Pakuranga. Marilyn was also active on the track & was joined by Gareth for a while after his early start 5K. 

6th August '23  Victoria Park Auckland. Winged Foot Trophy Handicap Races

Nine walkers turned out on a cool, sunny mornin' in this location "city-side" of  the Harbour Bridge.

Richie & (pace-maker) Rodney took off in tandem ensuring a rapid start to proceedings leaving those following a challenging task just to keep the leaders within view.

Results: 5K - Richie Trathen  29:32 (-3:38), Rodney Thorne 30:51 (-3:02), Tracey Walsh 35:43 (-2:59),

                        Gareth Jess 37:44 (-0:32),  Grant Pepper 41:41 (-2:11), Marilyn O'Hara 42:53 (-3:48).

                3K - Angela Baird 21:10 (-7:34),  Ruby Walsh 21:19 (-4:35), Matthew Baird (+2:28).

* Bracketed figures show deltas from handicapper's predicted times.


23rd July '23 Eastern Beach  Coaching Session with Alana Barber

A few warm-up drills soon counter-acted the cold but sunny early morning conditions. Mainly our juniors  & (a young) Tracey took part in the session which covered about a 3Km in distance. Richie completed a separate 8Km time-trial & Drew took on 4Km after his recent injury. 4 of our walkers had run AAI Cross-Country at Long Bay the day before, some even swam in the bay sea water after. Thanks to Tania,Grant,Marilyn,Shirley,Mrs. Baird for your encouragement on the day & Gareth ( for cones). Alana was presented with a gift basket afterwards from our members at "Barracuda" cafe where a brunch meeting was also held.

16th July 2023 Lovelock Track  3&5

In dry but cloudy overhead conditions and a slight but cooling breeze, Richie Trathen was to the forefront, walking 5000m in 32:18. In second place was the fast improving Tracey Walsh who took 38:24, and was followed by Grant Pepper in 42:21 and Marilyn O'Hara with 45:10.

Ruby Walsh completed 3000m in 23:01

2nd  July 2023  Mount Smart Track  RWA Grand-Prix Races

Precipitation had abated for the duration of the above & a golden orb provided some relief, however the freshly laid surface was still rather slippery & a few puddles littered the track. Note-worthy times came from Richie, Rodney & Tracey (the latter gave 'Cosmo' Jess a "hurry up") & all our walkers put in a good shift in the conditions.


5,000m - Richie Trathen 30:31. 

3,000m -  Rodney Thorne 19:50, Gareth Jess 22:08, Tracey Walsh 22:42, Ruby Walsh 24:18,                            Grant Pepper & Marilyn O'Hara 27:54 .

* A useful, informative 2 hour walking workshop followed the races with Damian Blocki, Alana Barber plus input from Rod Thorne & "El Presidente" Grant Pepper. Thanks to the afore-mentioned & all attendees & Mariah Ririnui for her help in organising. 

​​​​​​​25th June '23 Eastern Beach  Alana Barber Coaching session

A  cool, breezy,choppy,saline seafront was the venue for some tricky drills & a 3K handicap walk trial today.

 Other attendees were: Angela,Ruby,Tracey,Marilyn,Grant & Gareth. Two of these had run Athletics AKL Cross-Country at Pukekohe the day before & James & Richie Trathen also ran this but were absent. Some fine efforts & technique were displayed & in particular Angela "hung in" well as she had completed a Sri-Chinmoy road race earlier in the day also after Pukekohe C.C. event. Gareth avoided another "ecstatic fall" from the previous day. Thanks Alana for another fun,enjoyable session.

​​​​​​​18th June '23 Auckland Domain Winged Foot Trophy Race

 Our usual 3 lap Sri-Chinmoy Mile (+ 200m )course was not available so an alternative route onto Park Rd. & back into Domain via Carlton Gore Rd. had to be utilised. Over-night rain cleared & it was sunny but cool'ish.

​​​​​​​Rodney Thorne was in good form & gradually moved away from the 5 other walkers on the course. Ruby, Tracey & Gareth were in a following bunch & in-turn Grant & Marilyn behind this trio. Results are listed below:

5k - Rodney Thorne 34:39 (+0:56), Gareth Jess 38:48 (+0:40), Grant Pepper 47:03 (+3:04),

        Marilyn O'Hara 47:05 (+0:31). Congrats Marilyn! You were the closest to predicted time.

3k - Ruby Walsh 32:45 (-2:13), Tracey Walsh 33:30 (-7:39). Figures in brackets are deltas from predicted                times.


4th June '23 Botanical Gardens King's Birthday Social Walk

 Neither King Charlie (nor Camilla) could make it to enjoy the splendiferous verdant flora & fauna at today's venue. Some interval type training resulted from Ruby, Angela & Matthew wanting to keep ahead of Tracey & Gareth using their high cadence, short striding young legs on this sunny Sunday morning jaunt. Pausing to talk to various amphibious avian wild-life & count eels in the lake added to the fun. About 3K was covered in total then Mrs. Baird kindly sampled us with some of her tasty treats by Cafe Miko,  谢谢 Xièxiè . Thank you!

28th May '23  Eastern Beach.  Alana Barber coaching session followed by AGM.

A glowing Sensei (Alana) encountered a breezy on-shore wind for this morning's training which included: 

Richie's 7Km. Drew's 4Km. Tracey, Ruby, Angela and Matthew covered 3Km including a variety of Mexican Drills plus a task where they needed to imagine being chased by a Samurai さむらい. Gareth had planned to walk 10 miles but reduced this somewhat to about 10Km. There was a good turnout for our delayed AGM & Prizegiving after the walks here.

​​​​​​​21st May '23   Victoria Park Auckland. Team Relay; 3 Km. by each walker (2 walkers per team).

1st - Richie 33:01 / Marilyn  35:56 (Total 1:08:57),  2nd - Angela 40:38 /Tracey 33:59 (Total 1:14:37) ,

3rd - Matthew 34:34 / Ruby 41:40 (Total 1:16:14).

14th May '23 RWA 10,000m Club Champs Yvette Williams Track in Lloyd Elsmore Park, Pakuranga

Clear, sunny skies had followed some early morning showers & gave a wet track for today's walkers.

​​​​​​​Results: RWA Club Championships 10,000m Senior Men 1st Gareth Jess 1:19:08, 2nd Grant Pepper 1:30:13.  Two other athletes also walked a shorter distance : 5,000m  Richie Trathen finishing in  29:16 and Marilyn OHara in 46:20

7th May 2023 RWA Back to Back Pairs Auckland Domain               ​​​

Results: 1st - Richie Trathen & Marilyn O'Hara, 2nd - Angela & Matthew Baird, ​​​​​​​3rd - Tracey & Ruby Walsh.        

​​​​​​​23rd April '23 Winged Foot Trophy Auckland Domain

​​​​​​​Less than 24 hours after yesterday's relays, 7 of our walkers set out on a club challenge. Apart from Richie (over a minute faster) all athletes were slower than their estimated times (in brackets) provided by the handicapper. Conditions were dry, fine & mild.

5K - Richie Trathen 32:31(33:58), Gareth Jess 40:40 (37:41)

3K - Grant Pepper 30:06(24:36), Matthew Baird 31:41(26:38), Angela Baird 32:21(25:07),

         Tracey Walsh 32:49(25:02), Ruby Walsh 32:59(25:02).

22nd April '23 Athletics Auckland Southland Centennial Relays at Sacred Heart College Glendowie.

Conditions were mild but wet under-foot due to overnight rain & a carpet of Autumn leaves covered portions of the 2 lap course provided.  We had put in 4 X 2 person teams for this 3K event.  Highlights were:the fine technique of Richie Trathen (as usual ) 17:04, Rodney Thorne's strong, gutsy effort for Classic Team in 21:45, Gareth Jess finished within 30 seconds of his estimated time. New recruits Angela & Matthew Baird  showed good form. Congrats to Ruby & Angela's winning Premier team!

RWA Gold - Matthew Baird 26:38 ,  Richie Trathen 17:04   .  Cumulative 43:42  (+0:48)

RWA Classic -  Gareth Jess 23:20 ,  Rodney Thorne 21:45 . Cumulative 45:05  (+3:15)

RWA Magic - Tracey Walsh 28:31 ,  Drew Smal 25:00           .  Cumulative 53:31  (+5:01)

RWA Premier - Ruby Walsh 28:31 , Angela Baird 25:04      .   Cumulative 53:35  (+0:35) HANDICAP WINNERS !

* Timing & Results provided by Athletics Auckland.

15th April '23 RWA Grand Prix series race at Yvette Williams Track, Pakuranga

5000m 1st - Rodney Thorne 33:17

3000m 1st - Richie Trathen 17:30, 2nd - Tracey Walsh 21:37, 3rd Grant Pepper 21:41, 4th - Ruby Walsh 23:22

26th March '23 RWA 5000m Club Champs at Lovelock Track, Owairaka

5000m 1st-Rodney Thorne 33:05

3000m 1st-Grant Pepper 24:42  2nd (equal) - Ruby & Tracey Walsh 25:12

​​​​​​​2000m 1st- Yandri Fourie 11:39

19th March '23 WOW (Walk on Waiheke)

Though the above was not a race as such half a dozen of us enjoyed a change of scene wih a hikey type walk from Matiatia organised by Alana Barber. This was a nice change for the legs over some tricky coastal pathways & bush tracks, it took close-on 2 hours & a welcome brunch was undertaken at Ahipaho cafe on completion. Fine, sunny weather added to this fun Sunday.


5th March '23 RWA 15K Champs Onehunga Waterfront

Early clouds over the murky  Manukau Harbour dissipated to present fine, mild, humid conditions with a classic Sou'west breeze on the morning. Of the two athletes taking part Rodney Thorne eased away in fine form from a "fluey" Gareth Jess & in fact actually lapped the latter to easily take the day's honours.

Good to see Ruby (& Mum Tracey) come along a bit later to do a short walk with Grant. Marilyn & Grant had set-up & marked the 5 lap course earlier (much appreciated).

Results were : 15K - 1st. Rodney Thorne 1:46:20  2nd. Gareth Jess 2:14:29 . 

                            2K - Ruby Walsh & Grant Pepper both completed this in 17:48 .

​​​​​​​12th February '23 RWA Fully Judged Walk Trials. Yvette Williams Track.

Wind & showers from the approaching Cyclone Gabrielle failed to dampen the enthusiasm of the walkers & officials this morning. At 8 a.m. Alana M. was the sole starter in the 10,000m as was Richie in the 5,000m  race. Alana looked in fine form & quite relaxed in completing her race (which qualified her for the nationals). Richie put in a good shift & fast time also in the tricky conditions.

In the 3,000m Quinn's smooth high cadence technique was well suited to the track conditions & he was 1st over the finish line. Yandri showed good form also to take 2nd place (also qualified for nationals). A little further back was Jordyn for 3rd in a good consistent style. Young Ruby incurred a D.Q. but it is felt will have better days to come. 

Great work all walkers, judges & supporters on the day. ​​​​​​​ Results are listed below: 

10,000m 1st - Alana Matthews 1:07:31.

 5,000m 1st - Richie Trathen 27:49.

 3,000m 1st - Quinn Gardiner-Hall 15:12, 2nd - Yandri Fourie 18:53, 3rd - Jordyn Tukino 22:09.

                         Ruby Walsh D.Q. Rule 230.1

​​​​​​​22nd January '23 ​​​​​​​RWA 3000m  Club Champs. Yvette Williams Track

The recent sunny, warm'ish  weather continued for this race at Pakuranga.

Richie Trathen set a blistering pace throughout to win ahead of "Evergreen" Rodney Thorne followed by Drew Smal in 3rd place, Gareth Jess came in just behind Drew with Ruby Walsh also close-by, Grant Pepper completed the field with a strong effort, accelerating to finish on the day. The walk times are listed below:

Senior Men: 1st Rodney Thorne 19:29, 2nd Gareth Jess 22:54, 3rd Grant Pepper 25:32

Junior Men: 1st Richie Trathen 15:47, 2nd Drew Smal 22:45

Junior Women: Ruby Walsh 23:20

There was a brief "Stand-up" committee meeting after our walk here.


11th December '22

"IL MONDO" Trophy (Greenwood's Corner 2K loop course).

Conditions were wet & slippery under-foot  with mild temperatures for our final club meet of 2022.

6K - Rodney Thorne 41:50 , Gareth Jess 44:56 , Marilyn O'Hara 55:52 .

4K - David Sim 29:29 .

2K - Morgan Day 13:36 , Harrison Day 14:24 , Ruby Walsh 17:55 .

Thanks to all that came along, especially the Juniors  whom I believe had raced the day before.

4th December

Winged Foot Trophy (Over selected distances) - Eastern Beach Esplanade

​​​​​​​5K - Rodney Thorne 34:15 (+1:06), Richie Trathen 36:22 (+2:24), Gareth Jess 39:54 (+2:13), Marilyn O'Hara                  in 48:02 (+3:16).                                                                                                                                                                4K - Yandri Fourie 31:53 (+2:23).

3K -  Drew Smal 24:20 (+1:29), Grant Pepper 25:58 (+1:22), Ruby Walsh 27:07 (+2:05).

 Point of interest was all  the walker's times were slower than the handicapper's estimates on this fine day. 

​​​​​​​27th November

Peter Phillpotts Pace Guesstimate over 5K  Auckland Domain

There was a good turnout for this on a fine, mild morning. Our usual course had to be altered (by Gareth) due to construction for an event on the Football Fields & close to Wintergardens area. Results below were:

Magnus  25:51(-3:39), Richie 32:17 (+1:05), Alana M. 33:21 (-0:05), Rodney 33:39 (-1:21),

Gareth 37:30 (-2:20), ​​​​​​​David 37:49 (+1:49), Glen 40:42 (-0:18), Drew 40:45 (0:35), Grant 42:33 (-1:17),

Helen 44:02 (-0:02), Ruby 45:04 (+0:04).

The above were actual times recorded, bracketed figures are deltas from the walker's own predicted times. Helen was the trophy winner-Congrats! With Ruby a creditable close 2nd by 2 seconds! All finishers were awarded a C.D.M. from Peter Phillpott  & Tania provided the essential timing & lap counting duties which enabled this event to function. Many thanks Peter & son Glen & friend Drew. David Sim  for bringing along our Nordic  guest Magnus & to all that came to walk or support on what was International "Good Grief" day. 

20th November 

​​​​​​​RWA Creamer-Wilson Mile, Yvette Williams Track - Pakuranga

The current rainy spells of (la niña) weather pattern abated somewhat for this morning's event out East where we did not have exclusive use of the track.

Highlights were the speed & fine technique of Richie in securing 1st place followed by a close battle between Yandri & Morgan for 2nd & 3rd respectively on the day.

Thanks to Tania Boyer for timing & recording of the results listed below:

Richie Trathen 8:47,  Yandri Foure 10:00, Morgan Day 10:03, Gareth Jess 11:12, Grant Pepper 12:54,

Ruby Walsh 13:54, Marilyn O'Hara 14:13.

6th November

RWA Open Day, Lovelock Track

About 2 dozen folks were in attendance as Grant Pepper gave an introduction to & an overview of club activities & venues utilised. This was followed by Alana Barber's intro. to walking technique & some useful warm-up drills then a fun teams relay involving all walkers in teams completing 4X100m spurts around  the track! All involved picked a "Lucky Dip" prize from Cosmo's sack & some refreshments set-up by Marilyn at Owairaka Clubrooms. A fun day this & the Weather Gods co-operated by providing a fine sunny morning.

RWA Grand Prix Series Race 4, Yvette Williams Track

30 October 2022

Alana Mathews delivered a lesson to the older athetes, in clearing out to win by 55 seconds over Rodney Thorne in the 5000m club event. However her time of 33:04 was not enough to deny Rodney his position at the top of the leaderboard in the series where competitors performances are compared with NZ or Auckland age group records. Rodney is sitting at an average of 79.8% of his age group national record whereas Alana is at 71.9%. Also walking 5000m was Marilyn O'Hara who took 47:35.

Two walkers opted for the shorter 3000m distance with Gareth Jess taking 23:35 ahead of Ruby Walsh with 26:59.

RWA Ailsa Forbes Memorial Two Mile Guesstimate, Auckland Domain

16 October 2022

Slow and steady wins the race, goes the old saying, and that was the case for this event, where walkers were charged with predicting their pace accurately. The trophy was secured by Marilyn O'Hara, whose 33:57 was 1:33 less than her pre race estimate. Richie Trathen was second in 20:09, 1:39 over his estimate, followed by the improving Drew Smal who pushed from behind by Grant Pepper, recorded 26:35, 2:25 under his estimate.

Ruby Walsh joining late, was 2:43 under estimate with 27:17, whilst Alana Mathews at 22:33 was 3:03 slower than her estimate. The field was completed by Grant Pepper, who forgot about his pre race prediction of 32:00, and chasing Drew, took 27:20.

2nd October 2022

RWA Winged Foot Trophy Races, Eastern Beach Esplanade.

Recent rains gave way to a fine, mild morning with humidity of 90%+ on the course for the 4 participants.

3K- Ruby Walsh 25:02 (8), Richie Trathen 19:46 (7).

5K- Marilyn O'Hara 46:46 (6), Gareth Jess 39:40 (5). 

(*) Handicap points earned

Thanks to Grant Pepper & Tania Boyer for timing & marshalling duties & supporting our walkers.

18th September 2022

RWA One Hour/ Half Hour Track Walk, Yvette Williams Track, Pakuranga

Temperatures were rising for the walkers completing the half hour ( Juniors) and Hour ( Seniors) track walk at Pakuranga.

Rodney Thorne completed the longest distance with 8944m. He was followed by guest walker Scott who walked 8485m. Grant Pepper showed off his multi tasking skills  presenting some medals from the previous week's AAI Road Relay Champs, whilst still walking, and completed 6604m.  Marilyn O'Hara's return was 6371m.

For the juniors, over 30 minutes, Morgan Day walked the furtherest, with 3943m. Drew Smal put in a commendable  effort for 3915m whilst Ruby Walsh accelerating towards the end,  completed 3566m

Jo Smal showed that parents could walk too and recorded 3221m. Richie Trathen did not finish, due to injury.

Many thanks to Tania and Briar for lapscoring and measuring assistance.

11th September 2022

Athletics Auckland Road Relay Champs - Mt. Smart

​​​​​​​On a fine mild (Spring-like) day we had 2 teams line-up which were a melange of RWA & Pakuranga clubs. 

​​​​​​​A well devised loop course was undertaken of 2.5K (approx.) & there were some fine performances on the day from Richie, Yandri, Drew & Ruby (on debut) plus some solid technical walking from Karen Davison for the girls (Team Red). A lethargic Mr.Jess trundled in to finish his portion. Thanks to Grant, Marilyn & Alana for timing, guidance & observations etc. on the day.

RWA/PAK Blue: Gareth (3 laps), Richie (2 laps), Drew (1 lap). Cumulative time ( for 6 laps) was 1:48:46.

RWA/PAK Red: Karen (3 laps), Yandri (2 laps), Ruby (1 lap).    Cumulative time (for 6 laps) was 1:57:57.

4th September 2022

​​​​​​​Athletics New Zealand Road Walking Champs Upper Hutt

Fine cool conditions prevailed for the event & the times below illustrated the elan of these fine walkers.

​​​​​​​3K - Morgan Day WU14 (1st) 19:52

3K - Harrison Day MU14 (1st) 21:20,  Drew Smal MU14 (2nd) 23:49

5K - Richie Trathen MU16 (1st) 28:08

5K - Alana Matthews WU18 (1st) 30:44, Yandri Fourie WU18 (2nd) 33:43

21st August 2022

Athletics Auckland Road Walking Champs at Bruce Pulman Park.

​​​​​​​In fine,mild & sunny conditions Alana Barber's Alumni took on the freshly manicured, 1K fully-judged  loop course provided.

3K - Richie Trathen/ Male U16 16:48,  Harrison Day/ Male U14 22:43, Drew Smal/ Male U14 24:39.

3K - ​​​​​​Morgan Day/ Female U14 20:04.

5K - Yandri Foure/ Female U18 34:39. 

The walkers showed good form & there were no disqualifications on the day.

​​​​​​​7th August 2022

RWA Winged Foot Trophy Eastern Beach Esplanade

Conditions were cool'ish, with some drizzly showers but no wind on the day.

5K - Richie Trathen 32:31 (8), Rodney Thorne 33:16 (5), Alana Matthews 34:42 (2), Gareth Jess 37:46 (3).

​​​​​​​3K - Morgan Day 19:19 (7), Harrison Day 19:53 (6), Drew Smal 23:55 (4), Ruby Walsh 24:20 (5).

​​​​​​​(*) Handicap points earned.

Also: our visitor Allan Janes travelled over from North Shore to walk a brisk 5K with us. 

24th July 2022

Racewalking Auckland Grand Prix Series races, Yvette Williams Track, Pakuranga

Fresh fine conditions, with a little breeze were the order of this winters' day.

5,000m - Richie Trathen 31:10 (83.48%), Rodney Thorne 33:32 (80.21%), Karen Davison 43:24 (62.42%).

3,000m - Drew Smal 24:09 (63.22%), Ruby Walsh 27:15 (63.43%).

Bracketed figures are a percentage of the best National times achieved in each walkers relevant age-group.

3rd July 2022 

Racewalking Auckland Grand Prix races, Yvette Williams Track, Pakuranga

In cold'ish clear conditions the walks took place over the 2 different distances on a busy track on the day, results were recorded in finishing order below:

5,000m - Alana Matthews 34:20, Richie Trathen 36:42, Gareth Jess 38:59.

3,000m - Morgan Day 22:09, Harrison Day 22:38, Grant Pepper 23:54, Ruby Walsh 24:45. 

* National age group performance percentages will also be listed for above times  when available for comparison/interest.

Muchos Kudos to Tania Boyer for timing/lap counting.

​​​​​​​19th June 2022

Racewalking Auckland Winged Foot Trophy Handicap races, Auckland Domain

Early morning fog & mist had cleared somewhat to present cool fine conditions for the athletes taking part.

Good form was shown by all the Juniors on the courses , results are shown below:

3K  Ruby Walsh 24:48 (6 points) , Richie Trathen 20:24 (8 points).

5K Alana Matthews 32:22 (7 points), Gareth Jess 38:44 (5 points).

12th  June 2022

Racewalking Auckland 20,000m Club Champs, Lovelock Track,  Owairaka

 There were no entries for the 20,000m Championships so the two senior men present agreed to undertake a 5,000m time trial. Cool showery conditions greeted the walkers for the track event.

Rodney Thorne finished first in 33:24 followed by Gareth Jess in 36:08

Junior Richie Trathen intended to walk the same distance above but pulled out with a calf muscle injury after completing 2,200m in 17:25.


29th May 2022

Racewalking Auckland Back to Back Pairs race, Auckland Domain

Just 3 teams took on this event in mild, breezy, mainly sunny conditions.

Alana Matthews & Marilyn O'Hara finished 1st, Gareth Jess & Pauline Matthews were the 2nd team home,

Grant Pepper & Ruby Walsh completed the walk in 3rd place.

Racewalking Auckland 10,000m Club Challenge, Lovelock Track , Owairaka

15th May 2022

Two senior men took on the RWA 10000m club challenge - Rodney Thorne crossing the finish line  first in 1:07:43 ahead of Gareth Jess who took 1:17:40.

Other members walked shorter distances. Richie Trathen taking 1:00:37 for 8000m, whilst Marilyn O'Hara completed 6000m in 56:52.

New member Ruby Walsh showed good speed in completing 3200m in her RWA race debut, recording 25:15 whilst President Grant Pepper supervising from the back took 22:40 for his 2800m.

Racewalking Auckland Winged Foot Trophy 3km, Auckland Domain

1st May 2022

Only two competitors raced in the handicap event - Gareth Jess secured 8 points by finishing in 26:32, 5:27 over handicap, and Grant Pepper gained 7 points for taking 31:38, a massive 6:47 over his handicap.

Racewalking Auckland Grand Prix Series , Yvette Williams Track Pakuranga

10th April 2022

5,000m - Alana Matthews 35:48

3,000m - Gareth Jess 22:17 , Grant Pepper 25:07

Racewalking Auckland 5000m club championship and Peter Phillpotts Pace - Lovelock Track, Owairaka

27th March 2022

This walk was run as a combined event. The Peter Philpoots Pace rewards walkers who are able to walk closest to their pre race estimate over 5000m. 

Rodney Thorne  was just 12 seconds under his estimate, and received the weightly Peter Phillpotts Trophy from life member , Peter Philpotts who provided generous prizes for all competiors. Marilyn O'Hara was second 46 seconds below her estimate, Richie Trathen was third 1:01 over his estimate, and Grant Pepper was fourth , over achieving with 1:47 under estimate.

This was also the club's 5000m championship - Rodney Thorne's 32:48 saw him take the Senior Men's title ahead of Grant Pepper with 39:53. Marilyn O'Hara recorded 45:29 in securing the Senior Women's title, whilst the quickest athlete on the track, Richie Trathen won the Junior Men's title in 31:31.

The even also benefitted from judges providing their observations, some of whom had recently completed their C grade exams. Thanks to Rob Ward who also provided an experienced judging eye.

Racewalking Auckland 10km Road Championship - Waikaraka Park, Onehunga

13th March 2022

In this non-judged walk, two of the club's Senior Men B grade walkers placed first and second, with Rodney Thorne recording 1:07:42 ahead of Gareth Jess in 1:17:46.

Three members completed 5km - Richie Trathen in 39:28, Grant Pepper 44:59 and Marilyn O'Hara 46:25.

Racewalking Auckland One Hour / 30 minutes  - Yvette Williams Track, Pakuranga

22nd February 2022

Two senior Men walkers completed the One Hour track walk - Rodney Thorne walking 8792 m ahead of Gareth Jess who completed 7697m

Two juniors completed the Half Hour Track walk - Richie Trathen walking for 5000m, and Alana Mathews covering 4500m

Racewalking Auckland 3000m Club Championships , Yvette Williams Track, Pakuranga

6th February 2022

Local junior Richie Trathen recorded the fasted time across all competitors in securing the Junior Men's 3000m club title in 16:45. Alana Mathews, second across the line in 18:17 claimed the Junior Women's title.

Amongst the Senior Men, Rodney Thorne was first in 19:36 followed by Gareth Jess  with 23:16 and Grant Pepper 25:09. The only Senior Woman entry, Marilyn O'Hara, recorded 27:55.

Racewalking Auckland Ailsa Forbes Memorial Two Mile  Guesstimate, Auckland Domain 


8th January 2022

Staged much later in the season due to Covid restrictions saw just a 3 person field, with juniors away at Colgate games. Lyndon Hohaia took 22:10, 25 seconds over his pre race estimate, and was trophy winner for the 2021-2022 season. Marilyn O'Hara's 29:31 was 1:42 over her estimate, whilst Grant Pepper's 28:02 was well adrift of his pre race estimate of 25:10.

Racewalking Auckland lll Mondo Trophy, Greenwoods Corner Epson

19th December 2021

The infamous end of year Racewalking Auckland event with its deceptive downhill and uphill sections saw Rodney Thorne take out the Ill Mondo Trophy in 41:08. He was followed by Gareth Jess in 46:58, Grant Pepper in 59:19 with fast finishing Marilyn O'Hara taking 59:19 for the 6km event.

Pakuranga junior Richie Trathen recorded 29:29 for two laps.

Racewalking Auckland Creamer Wilson Mile Lovelock Track

5th December 2021

After an extended hiatus due to Covid restrictions, competitive race walking activity resumed with the Creamer Wilson Mile - which celebrates the first World athletics record set by a NZ athlete - in a mile on the grass at the Auckland Domain in the late 1800s.

The winner of this year's mile was Antonia Martin who burned up the track in 8:33. Richie Trathen finished second in 9:38.

Three other walkers participated : Gareth Jess - 11:14, Grant Pepper - 13:21, and Marilyn O'Hara - 14:58.

Racewalking Auckland Winged Foot Trophy Auckland Domain

15th August 2021

Morgan Day racing over two laps, approx 3km of the Auckland Domain took handicap honours with 20:22 Next on handicap was Richie Trathen with 36:21 for 5km ahead of the consistent Gareth Jess in 38:41.

Rose Boell making her Auckland Domain debut recorded 36:35 for two laps

The other walkers, Alana Mathews and  Antonia Martin ( 36:43)and Marlyn O'Hara (48:52) were all slower than the handicap.



Racewalking Auckland 2000m Lovelock Track

8th August 2021

Richie Trathen did best of the 2000m walkers taking 11:53 followed by Yandri Fourie with 14:23 and Gareth Jess in 15:29. 

First time walker, Rosa Boell came next in a blanket finish with Grant Pepper and Marilyn O'Hara in 18:25

Alana Mathews completed 1600m in 10:09.

Racewalking Auckland Albany Lakes

1st August 2021

Over 4.5km, Lyndon Hohaia's 28:29 was the quickest of the RWA athletes racing around the Albany Lakes circuit. Rodney Thorne and Alana Mathews walked together in 30:58, with Richie Trathen next home in 32:27. Kathryn Hohaia making a welcome reappearance walked with a new walker Kylie in 34:44 finishing ahead of Grant Pepper in 36:56 and Marilyn O'Hara with 39:23. A local  junior making his debut with the RWA group, Leo, completed 1.5km in 11:25, and was accompanied by Lyndon for that lap.

Racewalking Auckland Winged Foot Trophy Auckland Domain

18th July 2021

Alana Mathews walking with Quinn Gardiner-Hall, did best on handicap setting a new PB over the 5km of the inner Domain circuit, recording 30:47, a significant improvement on the handicapper's guide. Gareth Jess's 39:57 took him to the top of the Winged Foot Trophy Leaderboard. Marilyn O'Hara took 47:17 for 5km to pick up points for 3rd. Quinn's time was 30:30. Yandri Fourie completed 3km in 27:58. and Morgan Day walked 2 laps in 24:40


Racewalking Auckland 3 and 5 Lovelock Track

11th July 2021

A smaller field tackled today's event. After a measured start, Richie Trathen pulled away to record 37:55 for 5000m ahead of Gareth Jess who finished in 40:05. Yandri Fourie was first to the 3000m mark in 22:53, whilst Grant Pepper having sat on the tail of Gareth for 3000m recorded 24:20.

Racewalking Auckland Albany Lakes

4th July 2021

A frosty start was in order for the race around the Albany lake; Rodney Thorne did best over 3 laps with 27:59. Richie Trathen completed 2 laps in 18:45 and then completed a 3rd for a total of 32:13. Grant Pepper also took a micro break after 2 laps and completed 3 in 39:26 ahead of Marilyn O'Hara in 40:11.

Racing over 2 laps, Harrsion  Day finished in 18:47, pipping sister Morgan with 18:49 followed by Yandri Fourie with 19:22.

Racewalking Auckland Pakuranga 5km

27th June 2021

​​​​​​​Damp conditions were the order of the day for the 5 entrants in the 5km race which started outside the Pakuranga clubrooms and included 2 circuits of the Cascades, Lady Marie, Bell and Pakuranga Road block before finishing on the Yvette Williams track.

Antonia Martin was first home in 32:52 ahead of Rodney Thorne in 33:21. Local junior Richie Trathen took 37:03. Gareth Jess* completed a slightly different route recording 48:38 for 5.88km whilst Marilyn O'Hara's 5km took 49:14.

Racewalking Auckland Winged Foot Trophy II, Auckland Domain

20th June 2021

A heavy fog had descended upon the Auckland ithmus, but Rodney Thorne was still able to navigate his way around the Auckland Domain to emerge as the handicap winner - his 5km time of 31:33 was just 23 seconds over handicap. In a day when all walkers were over handicap ( did some get lost in the fog?), Gareth Jess's 39:29 gave him second place, but propelled him to the top of the Winged Foot Trophy Handicap leaderboard. Antonia Martin, quickest walker on the day, took 30:37 for 3rd on handicap.

Other finishers were: Richie Trathen: 33:03, Marilyn O'Hara. 47:00, and Grant Pepper 43:50

Two juniors walked 3km: Harrison Day in 25:10 and Yandri Fourie with 26:02


Racewalking Auckland The Southern Path Chase

13th June 2021

Race walking meets The Chase. In a variation of the The Chase quiz show, chasers were given a time and toffee equation to contend with. The number of toffees they would potentially receive depended on how much of a head start they were prepared to off the "hare" , Marilyn O'Hara as they walked from Karaka along the new Southern Path shared track adjacent to the Southern Motorway..

Harrison Day offered up a 2 minute delay, Yandri Fourie, Charli Gardiner-Hall, and Morgan Day a 3 minute delay, and Alana Mathews and Richie Trathen allowed Marilyn O'Hara to have a 5 minute lead. All chasers were successful in catching Marilyn over the varying distances of the chase.

Racewalking Auckland Back to Back Pairs, Auckland Domain

23rd May 2021

The cooler airs of late autumn greeted walkers at the Auckland Domain for the back to back pairs race.

The winning pair, with a superior strategy, was Antonia Martin and Marilyn O'Hara who completed the two lap circuit in 19:33 ahead of Alana Mathews and Richie Trathen who took 20:23. The final pair, Grant Pepper, and guest walker Hester, recorded 25:58

Racewalking Auckland 20,000 and 10,000m club championships, Lovelock Track, Owairaka

16th May 2021

Auckland once gain turned on a stunning morning for the Auckland race walkers. Lyndon Hohaia was in front at both the 10,000m mark in a time of 1:01:53, and at the 20,000m mark in 2:03:41

Rodney Thorne was second in the Senior Men's 10,000m in 1:05:06 ahead of Gareth Jess who took 1:17:02

Claiming the Senior Women's 10,000m title was Marilyn O'Hara recording 1:33:54

Of the younger competitors, Antonia Martin took 50:07 for 8000m, whilst Richie Trathen walked 4000m in 25:30, and Harrison Day ( with one arm in a cast) completed 2000m in 14:49.

Racewalking Auckland Winged Foot Trophy Handicap, Massey Park, Papakura

2nd May 2021

On a beautiful Auckland autumn day, a small number of walkers set out to confound the handicapper's predictions, walking a variety of distances. It was Morgan Day who did best with 10:07 for 1600m, 1:51 ahead of the estimate. Alana Mathews with 19:16 over 3000m was the other walker who exceeded the handicapper's expectations.

Harrison Day did well with 20:42 for 3000m, ahead of Gareth Jess in 23:16 and Marilyn O'Hara in 27:15 for the same distance. Richie Trathen completed 2600m in 18:55.


Racewalking Auckland 5000m Club Championship, Lovelock Track, Owairaka

18th April 2021

After negotiating a new entry to the track, ( with the regular entry blocked off by a police cordon), four walkers lined up for the club's 5000m championships.

In the Senior Men's division, Lyndon Hohaia was again in winning form, sealed with blazing final lap to score in 28:39. In second place, was Rodney Thorne, who took 31:10

The Senior Women's title was taken out by Karen Davison finishing in 35:23, ahead of Marilyn O'Hara with her best time for many months of 43:56.


Racewalking Auckland 15km Club Championship, Manukau Foreshore, Onehunga

11th April 2021

Lyndon Hohaia dominated from start to finish in the rescheduled 2020/2021 15km club championship. Such was the margin of his victory, that it was Lyndon first, and daylight second. Lyndon's winning time was 1:35:32.

The only other senior walker out on the course was Marilyn O'Hara who completed a non championship 5km in 45:51.

A quartet of juniors made their course debut, with Richie Trathen recording 22:57 just besting Harrison Day over 3km. Morgan Day did best over 2km in 13:33 followed by Drew Smal with 14:52.

Racewalking Auckland Karaka Free-For-All, Karaka Habourside

7th March 2021

In this multi distance event, Quinn Gardiner-Hall took 39:22 ahead of Rodney Thorne's 39:33 for 6km. The other 6km entrant, Marilyn O'Hara took 55:35.

Richie Trathen finished in 27:19 ahead of Alana Mathews with 27:19 for 4km. Sarah-Amy Rhind and Charli Gardiner-Hall walked together over 3km  in 23:43.

Racewalking Auckland Lovelock Lockdown Liberation, Lovelock Track Owairaka

21st Feb 2021

On the penultimate morning of another Auckland Level 2 lockdown, Quinn Gardiner-Hall  won the 3000m on the Lovelock track recording 15:51, ahead of Richie Trathen in 17:34 and Alana Mathews with 20:01. Charli Gardiner-Hall finished in 23:19 ahead of the two senior walkers, Grant Pepper  - 24:05, and Marilyn O'Hara - 27:09.

In the 2000m race, Harrison Day took 12:39, ahead of his sister Morgan who finished in 14:49.

Racewalking Auckland Winged Foot Trophy Handicap, Albany Lakes

31st January 2021

Marilyn O'Hara showed remarkable improvement to record 54:13 for 6km  - 5 laps of the Albany Lakes circuit, a massive 4:14 under the handicappers mark. That gave her top points for this event in the Handicap series and saw her claim outright lead in the race for the Trophy. Antonia Martin looked in good touch taking 33:52, a 3:34 credit against the handicap. Antonia finished just behind Lyndon Hohaia whose 33:47 was the fastest for the day. Pakuranga junior Richie Trathen took 19:50 for his 3km.


Racewalking Auckland 3000m Club Championships, Lovelock Track, Owairaka

17th January 2021

In the first RWA race of 2021, it was Alana Barber who covincingly prevailed winning the RWA 3000m Senior Women's classification in 14:27, finishing over a lap ahead of the Senior Men's Champion, Lyndon Hohaia who recorded 17:01. Antonia Martin, third across the line in 17:51 picked up the Junior Women's title. The Senior Men's runner up was Rodney Thorne with 18:28, with some distance back to Senior Women's runner up, Marilyn O'Hara who took 27:30.

Racewalking Auckland Ill Mondo Trophy 6km, Greenwoods Corner, Epsom

13th December 2020

This edition of the Ill Mondo saw only two competitors attempt the 6km challenge; Rodney Thorne finishing first in 39:36 ahead of Gareth Jess in 47:40.

Four younger members walked the Junior Ill Mondo over approximately 2km. Harrison Day took 15:58 ahead of sibling Morgan Day in 16:20, whilst Alana Mathews and Yandri Fourie walked together for 16:28.

Racewalking Auckland Creamer Wilson Mile, Yvette Williams Track, Pakuranga

29th November 2020

Ten walkers faced the starter for the one mile event, with all honours going to Alana Mathews who recorded 9:13. She was followed half a minute back by Richie Trathen, with Rodney Thorne 3rd in 10:11.

Completing the field were: Yandri Fourie: 10:39, Morgan Day: 11:07, Harrison Day: 11:37, Gareth Jess: 12:00, Drew Smal: 12:14, Grant Pepper: 13:02, and Marilyn O'Hara: 14:40.

Racewalking Auckland Peter Phillpotts 5km Guesstimate, Auckland Domain

15th November 2020

In the contest to assess who was the best judge of pace over 5km in Racewalking Auckland, one competitor stood out with a result that will never be bettered. In the watches off event,  Marilyn O'Hara having predicted a time of 46:25, finished the race in  46:25, for a time difference of exactly zero. The next best competitor, 28s over his pre race estimate was Grant Pepper who took 41:38. Alana Mathews won the battle of the Alanas, taking 35:30 against an estimate of 34:43, which outdid Alana Barber who took 29:09 against an expected 30:00.

Other competitors were: David Barber 46:52 actual; 48:11 est, Rodney Thorne 31:28 actual, 34:00 est, Shirley Barber 47:40 actual, 50:50 est, and Richie Trathen 40:40 actual, 35:11 estimate,

Racewalking Auckland Winged Foot Trophy Series 3km, Albany Lakes

18th October 2020

Racewalking Auckland  One Hour Championship Yvette Williams Track Pakuranga

11th October 2020

Tony Sargisson looked imperious and driven as he strode his way to 11517m in the RWA One Hour Track Championship. The other  Commonwealth Games Silver Medalist in the field, Alana Barber, having initially tucked behind Sargisson in the breezy conditions, wasn't able to keep close enough, and completed 11328m.

Of the other One Hour entrants, Gareth Jess completed 7946m, Sarah-Amy Rhind 7630m, David Barber 7422m and Marilyn O'Hara 6550m.

A number of younger walkers took on a 30 minute challenge. They were led by Troy Sargisson with 5646m ahead of Antonia Martin's 4814m.  Richie Trathen reached 3899m at the final gun, edging out Drew Smal's 3895m. Alana Mathews having walked with Charli Gardiner-Hall for the first three laps pulled away to record 3630m ahead of the Waiuku walker who tallied 3323m. Harrison Day's 3604m also saw him place ahead of Gardiner-Hall.

Racewalking Auckland Ailsa Forbes Memorial 2 Mile Guesstimate: Auckland Domain

4th October 2020

As our annual commemoration of former Auckland Race Walkers and Y member, masters athlete, Ailsa Forbes, 6 starters provided their pre race estimate for the two mile distance. Walkers competed without watches and no indication of time was given until the conclusion of the event.

The event's winner was Yandri Fourie whose time of 22:42 was 19 seconds under her estimate. Richie Trathen finished in 22:24, 24 seconds over his estimate to claim runner up honours.

Other club walkers were:

Alana Mathews: 22:50 - 35 seconds over; Gareth Jess: 24:25 - 55 seconds over; Marilyn O'Hara: 30:28 -8 mins 32 seconds under.

Racewalking Auckland Beat Alana: Lovelock Track

27th September 2020

There was plenty of rain on Alana Barber's parade when she finished last on a day that she started first.  Falling short of her targetted time, Alana completed her 15000m in 1:18:10.

The wind and rain did not however thwart the valiant efforts of the timekeepers and lapscorers who performed brilliantly to handle the conditions of this varied start time, varied distance event.

Morgan Day won the day finishing first across the line, having taken 13:16 for her 2000m. Yandri Fourie was next to finish with 17:53 for her 3000m, whilst Quinn Gardiner-Hall was also amongst those who beat the handicapper ( and beat Alana) with 27:40 for 5000m.

Others ( in the order in which they completed the event) were:

Antonia Martin: 5000m 36:53; Harrison Day: 2000m 13:10, Tony Sargisson: 7000m 39:43, David Barber: 6000m 47:18, Troy Sargisson 7000m, 40:26, Alana Mathews: 5000m 34:58, Marilyn O'Hara: 5000m 47:18 


Racewalking Auckland Albany Game of Two Halves

20th September 2020

The sun was out for the dash around the 1.5km circuit of the Albany Lake. After a late start, Lyndon Hohaia surged past the leaders, to take an almost 1 minute lead into the second half of the 6km event. However the Sargisson due applied some heat in the back half of the race, with Tony going on to record 33:11 ahead of Troy with 33:45 followed by Lyndon in 33:53. Antonia Martin took 37:26, whilst Rodney Thorne after walking with a junior walker for the first half, then completed the remaining 2 laps in at 6 minute pace, and finished with 38:04. The other senior walker, Marilyn O"Hara completed 4.5km in 41:29.

Two juniors raced over 3km; Richie Trathen taking 18:46 followed by  Yandri Fourie in 20:04

Racewalking Auckland Battle of the Bridge 

13th September 2020

North Harbour walkers took out speed honours in a geographically split day due to the meeting cap, with Troy Sargisson recording 26:55 for 5km and Tony Sargisson 31:05 for 6km north of the bridge, but the southern walkers prevailed with their weight of numbers; five taking part in a 3km event, and nine in a 6km event staged around the picturesque, undulating Karaka Harbourside course.

Harrison Day led the 3km field home in 20:05 ahead of Yandri Fourie; 21:01, Morgan Day; 23:10, Charli Gardiner-Hall; 23:13, and Nora Caffrey; 25:09.

The 6km walk event saw Quinn Gardiner-Hall cross first in 35:52 followed by Rodney Thorne with 38:20 and Alana Mathews in 40:48. The next to finish were the junior, Richie Trathen with 44:20, with Gareth Jess; 45:20, David Barber; 48:24, Grant Pepper; 52:01, Shirley Barber: 53:49, and Marilyn O'Hara; 58:27 being the remainder of the seniors.

Racewalking Auckland Winged Foot Trophy Race 2 5km

6th September 2020 - Auckland Domain

Rodney Thorne and Quinn Gardiner-Hall walked together ( but 2m apart) for 5km around the Auckland Domain, in the first RWA event after another Covid-19 lockdown, and recorded 32:32, but it was Rodney who took out the handicap prize.Richie Trathen took a break before completing his 5km in 41:16, well ahead of Grant Pepper with 44:34 and Marilyn O'Hara in 45:32. Grant and Marilyn are locked together at the top of the handicap leaderboard with 14 points a piece for now.


Racewalking Auckland 3000m

9th August 2020 - Around Lloyd Ellsmore

Competitors in this 3000m event started outside the Pakuranga club rooms and finished off with a lap and a half of the Yvette Williams track, after completing a circuit around Lloyd Ellsmore Park. Unfortunately, two of the competitors ( Tania and Karien) accidentally took a short cut, and were classified as DNF.

First walker home was Richie Trathen who recorded 18:15 ahead of Rodney Thorne in 19:02. Alana Mathews placed third with 20:27. Yandri Fourie took 21:17 followed by Grant Pepper in 25:24 and Marilyn O'Hara in 26:39

Racewalking Auckland Junior Series Race 1

2nd August 2020 - Auckland Domain

Richie Trathen collected 10 points for his 20:48 when completing 3km around the inner Auckland Domain circuit. He was followed by Yandri Fourie with 22:21 for 8 points, and Morgan Day picked up 6 points for finishing third in 23:40. Jordyn Tuakino scored 4 points with 24:41 and Harrison Day 2 points for 26:51.

Grant Pepper took 24:54 and Marilyn O'Hara 27:24 but were outside the age range to register points in the junior series.

Racewalking Auckland Winged Foot Trophy Race 1

26th July 2020 - Lovelock Track

Whilst it's always suspicious when the handicapper takes the major points in an handicap race, Grant Pepper's effort in taking an estimated 41:27 for 5000m   ahead of the estimated 42:07 couldn't be denied as looked to build a 3/4 lap lead on Marilyn O'Hara who took out second on handicap with 44:04.

Alana Mathews secured 3rd on handicap with 34:28, whilst Yandri Fourie recorded 21:52 for 3000m. Alana Barber quickest on the day but down in the handicap rankings, took just 27:05 for 5000m,  whilst Gareth Jess took 38:07. Richie Trathen secured 2 points in the handicap series with 21:04 for 3000m, whilst a newcomer to RWA events, junior Jordyn Tukukino completed her maiden 3000m in 23:29


Racewalking Auckland Snowball Relay

12th July 2020 - Albany Lakes

A race for the ages - the under 40s took on the over 40s in a snowball relay which saw an increasing number of walkers on the course. Each lap around the lake was approximately 1.5km or a little less.

The first walkers on the course, were Troy and Tony Sargisson  who went their first 3km in 16:29 before being joined by Richie Trathen and Gareth Jess ( with Stephen Bastor). Richie was too quick for Gareth, and handed a 2 minute lead to the last of the under 40s, Yandri Fourie who brought the younger brigade home first, completing their 9km in 57:58 with Marilyn O'Hara anchoring the senior walkers who took 1:04:03 for their 9km.


Racewalking Auckland Beat Alana at the Eastern Beach

5th July 2020 - Eastern Beach

On a windy Auckland day, a large field of athletes lined up to attempt to beat Alana Barber at the Eastern Beach. With staggered start times and distances aimed at having a close finish, it was course measurer, Tony Sargisson who was also the pace setter as he powered home first to complete 14km in 1:11:44

Next to finish was Alana Mathews who took 26:28 for her 4km. Morgan Day held out the fast finishing Alana Barber, taking 13:02 for her 2km. Just 4 seconds behind Morgan, was Alana Barber, with 1:03:06 for 12km. David Barber followed his daughter in, taking 46:25 for 6km ahead of a trio of juniors who all walked 2km : Harrison Day 12:04, Richie Trathen 12:09, and Yandri Fourie 13:08

Hawkes Bay athlete Laura Langley, took 1:05:11 for 12km, and crossed in front of Rodney Thorne  with 1:05:27 for 10km. Marilyn O'Hara 54:20 for 6km  and Steven Bavin 37:25 for 4km finished next followed by Gareth Jess 1:14:57 for 10km, and Shirley Barber took 37:52 for 4km.

Racewalking Auckland 20,000m Club Championships

21st June 2020 - Lovelock Track

The RWA Senior Women's title was expectedly picked up by Alana Barber who completed her 20,000m in a conservative 1:53:13 including a couple of comfort stops.

Lyndon Hohaia prevailed in the Senior Men's classification recording 2:07:14, ahead of Rodney Thorne with 2:15:10.

The U20 Junior Men's 10,000m title went the way of Troy Sargisson who put together a pacy 55:19, looking particularly good in the concluding stages as he upped his tempo.

Alana Mathews picked up the U16 Junior Women's title with her 20:34.

Several athletes walked over non championship distances: Karen Davison motored down from the North, to walk 10,000m in 1:11:28, whilst Gareth Jess completed the same distance in 1:19:54.

Marilyn O'Hara took 46:02 for her 5000m.

Competitors raced under the eagle eye of sole judge, David Lonsdale. 

Racewalking Auckland Annual General Race

31st May 2020 - Auckland Domain

After a long wait, the club gathered for its AGM and Prizegiving at the Wintergardens, but first there was the business of a walk around the Domain

Most completed 5km, with Tony Sargisson, Troy Sargisson and Alana Barber walking together, taking 26:31 as they went through the 5km mark. Gareth Jess was next to cross in 37:12, ahead of David Barber in 38:41. Sarah-Amy Rhind and Alana Mathews also walked together, finishing in 39:18. Shirley Barber took 44:22 with Marilyn O'Hara, the last of the 5km walkers, ending with 46:10. Yandri Fourie's 2 and a part laps took her 27:04

Racewalking Auckland 5000m Senior Club Championships

24th May 2020 - Lovelock Track

Still racing with appropriate distancing guidelines rigidly enforced, the club's senior 5000m championships saw Alana Barber cruising to victory in the senior Women's division with 27:12. Further back, but securing the quinella for the family, was Shirley Barber who walked quietly to finish in 49:47.

Lyndon Hohaia took out the Senior Men's title in 29:02, ahead of Rodney Thorne with 31:12. Further back in the field was Gareth Jess who took 38:03, and after a long break from race walking, Grant Pepper finished in 42:30.

Two juniors also walked; Alana Mathews back after a lengthy injury break, took 20:36 for 3000m, and Yandri Fourie recorded 14:10 for 2000m, a little quicker than her result the week before.

Racewalking Auckland Power of Ten

17th May 2020 - Lovelock Track

In the first event of the 20-21 season, and first after the Covid-19 lockdown, 7 walkers lined up in chequerboard formation to maintain the requisite distance between athletes.

Alana Barber, not hitting top speed, completed her 10,000m in 52:18. Lyndon Hohaia in his injury comeback outing  finished in 1:00:07 ahead of Rodney Thorne  who took 1:04:30.

Waiuku junior Quinn Gardiner-Hall reeled off an impressive 21:58 for his 4000m, followed by Gareth Jess with 31:14, and Marilyn O'Hara in 36:36.

Pakuranga junior, Yandri Fourie completed 2000m in 14:24. 


Racewalking Auckland 15km Club Championship

5th April 2020

Under the most extraordinary circumstances, the club's 15km championship went ahead with members participating over their own local circuit, and sharing the results recorded on their GPS devices..

Alana Barber finished first in the Senior Women's division, with a time of 1:21:57, completing two laps of a T shape course, never further than approx 2km from her home.

Rodney Thorne, was first home in the Senior Men's division, completing his course in 1:44:00, whilst Gareth Jess was the only other entrant in this division.

Troy Sargisson completed 10km.

Racewalking Auckland 20km Race Walk

Mt Smart, 1st March 2020

A small but select field of walkers set out on a fully judged 20km walk on the Mt Smart track in still conditions.

Two club athletes , Troy Sargisson and Antonia Martin started in the event but the action was with the Senior Women in the field, Laura Langley, Rosie Robinson, and Courtney Ruske, who had all flown into Auckland for the event.

Rosie Robinson lasted some distance into the event but was not able to complete the full distance, leaving it to Hawke's Bay's Langley, and the Cantabrian, Ruske to see the event through to the conclusion.

On this occasion, Laura Langley was successful in seeing out the distance and pushing on to record a victory ahead of Courney Ruske, but significantly,  both athletes walked under the teams qualifying time for the World Athletics World Race Walking Teams Championship to be held in Belarus

Racewalking Auckland Beat Alana 2020

Lovelock Track, 16th Feb 2020

There was significant interest in the line up of today's field for the Beat Alana Challenge, as it included two Commonwealth Games Silver Medalists, a World University Games winner, and visiting Australian athletes, as well as a number of promising junior athletes.

The challenge for competitors was, with varying distances, and start times calculated by the handicapper, to cross the finish line ahead of Alana Barber, and the challenge for the timekeeper and lapscorers was to keep up with all the action.

The honour of first across the line went jointly to two juniors, Libby and Antonella who both walked 1200m.

The two quickest athletes were Katie Hayward and Alana Barber, who could not be separated after their 10,000m battle, both recording 49:38 after showing some marked acceleration over the concluding stages.

Jason Kosica recorded 51:01 after a conservative start, racing over a distance probably shorter than his best. Tony Sargisson took 55:38, taking family honours ahead of Troy Sargisson who finished with a time of 55:53.

Of note amongst the other competitors was a sizzling 11:53 for 2000m from the young Yandri Fouri.

See within details below for all lap times.


Racewalking Auckland Five After Five

Lovelock Track, 26th Jan 2020

Two walkers completed an estimated 5000m distance with Lyndon Hohaia taking 30:24 and Rodney Thorne 31:17

The other two walkers raced over 5 laps - 2000m, with Yandri recording 14:31, whilst Grant Pepper in his first race for many months took 17:16

Racewalking Auckland 3000m Club Championships

A smaller turnout than usual appeared for the first club championship event in 2020. Rodney Thorne was the first senior man to finish in 19:21, whilst Gareth Jess recorded 23:38. In the Senior Women's race, Sarah-Amy Rhind ( walking with her juniors) recorded 24:32, whilst Marilyn O'Hara took 27:55.

Guest juniors, Yandri and Morgan both also completed the 3000m; Yandri taking 23:02, and Morgan 24:31.

New Year New You 3000m

Lovelock Track, Owairaka 5th Jan 2020

Racing in the reverse ( clockwise) direction, Rodney Thorne took 18:42 for his 3000m ahead of Sarah-Amy Rhind in 20:04 and Marilyn O'Hara with 28:03. Four guest juniors completed 1200m - Hamilton; 7:26, Richie 7:35, Yandri 7:58, and Morgan 8:33.

Ill Mondo Trophy 6km

Greenwoods Corner, Epsom 22nd December 2019

Victory in the Ill Mondo Trophy with its long downhill and long uphill straights went to Troy Sargisson who recorded 34:19 just ahead of Lyndon Hohaia in 34:27

Antonia Martin placed 3rd with 38:17 followed by Rodney Thorne who took 38:31.

Sarah-Amy completed the approx 6km in 47:40 just 8 seconds ahead of Gareth Jess, whilst Marilyn O'Hara finished in 58:26. 

Two juniors walked; Nora completing 4km in 39:16 and Yandri 2km in 14:34

Beat Alana Handicap

Lovelock Track, 15th December 2019

In the December leg of the Beat Alana series, in which competitors with staggered starts over various distances were given the opportunity to beat Alana Barber, the honour of finishing first went to Troy Sargisson, ahead of Shirley Barber, and Marilyn O'Hara, with Alana crossing the line in 4th. 

Actual times for competitors were:

Alana Barber 10km 49:38

Lyndon Hohaia 8km 48:16

Troy Sargisson 5km 27:12

Shirley Barber 5km 43:17

Marilyn O'Hara 5km 45:29

Gareth Jess 5km 38:11

RWA Winged Foot Trophy 5km

Auckland Domain, 24 November 2019

Marilyn O'Hara was sent off first in the open handicap with a lead of 6:30 over Gareth Jess, 8:00 over Karen Davison, and 14:00 over Antonia Martin, but by the end of the 5km, the order had changed significantly.

Karen Davison reached the finish line first, having exceeded the handicappers expectations, and recorded 35:32.

Gareth Jess, was 2nd , 34 seconds back, with an actual time of 37:36. Antonia Martin finished 3rd, a further 27 seconds back, and took 30:33, whilst Marilyn O'Hara finished with a total time of 47:49.

RWA Creamer Wilson Mile

Lovelock Track; 17 November 2019

Antonia Martin, the only competitor in the mile, completed the distance in 9:25

RWA Peter Phillpotts Pace 5km

Auckland Domain, 10 November 2019

Peter Phillpotts, RWA life member, was on hand at the Auckland Domain to present his trophy to the winner of the race named for him, a 5km pre race guesstimate event.

Alana Barber was this year's recipient, with 25:26 just 4 seconds under her pre race estimate. Father, David Barber was in runner up position, taking 39:09, 11 seconds under his estimate. Troy Sargisson's 30:29 was 29 seconds over estimate for third place. Other walkers were:

Shirley Barber: 44:24 - 0:36  under

Rodney Thorne: 30:51 - 1:09 under

Lyndon Hohaia: 31:12 - 1:18 under

Marilyn O'Hara: 44:57 - 1:18 under

Antonia Martin: 31:04 - 2:30 under

RWA Ailsa Forbes Memorial Guesstimate Two Miles

Auckland Domain, 13 October 2019

In this watches off, self guesstimate event, Troy Sargisson secured both line honours and guesstimate honours, taking 17:49, 11 seconds under his pre race guesstimate.

Marilyn O'Hara completed the two miles in 30:59, 16 seconds below her pre race calculation, whilst Gareth Jess's 25:27 was 1:27 over. Antonia Martin stylishly recorded 19:57, 1:35 below her estimated 21:32

Tony Sargisson, walking as a guest, showed his vast experience in judging pace, finishing 1 second under his estimate, taking 17:59.

RWA Winged Foot Trophy 5km

Auckland Domain, 6 October 2019

B grade walker, Gareth Jess, took 38:25 for his 5km around the Auckland Domain, and also took the maximum 8 points for beating the handicapper by a huge 1:46. Antonia Martin's 30:43 was 48 seconds under handicap, whilst Marilyn O'Hara took 48:41 for third place. Rodney Thorne demonstrated his consistency yet again, recording 31:03, whilst Troy Sargisson crossed in 30:16, slower than recent efforts.

RWA One Hour Track Walk

Lovelock Track, 22 September, 2019

Of the four competitors in the One Hour Track walk, it was Troy Sargisson who completed the longest distance with 9530m. Antonia Martin's 9441 metres was a Bronze performance based on the RWNZ One Hour Track walk classification, whilst Rodney Thorne, in completing 9370 metres, reached the Silver mark. 

Marilyn O'Hara completed 6160 metres

RWNZ standards are age and gender related.

RWA Senior 10,000m & Junior 5000m Club Championships

Lovelock Track, 4 August 2019

In atrocious, wet and windy conditions, Lyndon Hohaia took out the the Senior Men's 10,000m RWA club championship, finishing in 54.03. Finishing behind him were the B grade walkers, Rodney Thorne with 1:04:17, and David Barber in 1:17:31.

The Senior Women's title went to Shirley Barber who took 1:21:54.

The Junior Men's 5000m was won by Troy Sargission in 27:53. ( Troy went on to complete the 10,000m in 57:25.)

Antonia Martin won the Junior Women's 5000m, recording 31:30 ( and for the full 10,000m in 1:03:58)

Senior Woman, Marilyn O'Hara completed 5000m in 50:34.

RWA Winged Foot Trophy 5km

Auckland Domain, 21 July 2019

David Barber demonstrated remarkable speed for his age, beating the handicapper by an impressive 1:24 in taking 36:54 for the 5km walk, and in taking top points for today's handicap, also sits on top of the series after two races.

Runner up on handicap was Rodney Thorne, whose 31:02, was 33 seconds ahead of the handicap, and was the quickest time of the day.

Racewalking Auckland 20,000 m and 10,000 m Club Championships

Lovelock Track, 9 June 2019

After days of rain and gale force winds the walkers had flat calm and sunny conditions and a 9 C temperature until the sun rose onto the Lovelock Track in Auckland where it climbed to 14 C. There were six starters who were from as far north as Whangarei and south to Hastings.  At the gun Laura Langley from Hastings went to the lead followed closely by Lyndon Hohaia and Antonia Martin both of Racewalking Auckland.

Within three laps Laura had established and then rapidly extended her lead until she lapped everyone and was going well.  Shortly after she had achieved lapping everyone she had a bad spell and also Lyndon  gathered himself and took off and got past her and steadily reduced her lead until he was only 180 m behind.  Unfortunately for him at 16 km he entered a bad spell, and Laura had recovered and accelerated.  She looked very good in the last 20 minutes and got past Lyndon again to finish in 1:54.29.  Lyndon was second in 1:57.17 and took the RWA Club Championship.

Karen Davison from Whangarei was second woman in 2:30.08 and looked good all of the way.  As the only senior woman from RWA to front she took the club championship.  Rodney Thorne was third overall in 2:16.24 but was B Grade. 

In the 10,000 m the only starter was Antonia Martin who on her birthday walked her very first 10,000 m in 1:04.09 for a personal best of course and a RWA Club championship time

Gareth Jess, another B Grade walker completed the 10,000 m in 1:23.29.  

The judges were Tony Sargisson, David Lonsdale, Grant Pepper and Sarah Amy Rhind.  Ten red cards were issued and the two B Graders (who were issued with red cards) would have been disqualified if they had been in the A grade race.

Marylin O’Hara and Grant Pepper had organised and promoted the races and on the day they were kindly aided by Antonia’s father.  A lovely morning for everyone.

RWA Winged Foot Trophy 5km

Auckland Domain, 21 May 2019

In the first Winged Foot Trophy handicap 5km event of the season, Troy Sargisson smashed the handicapper’s pre race mark, in posting 26:25, 2:35 below the handicap.

The other junior in the race, Antonia Martin was the only other walker to defeat the handicapper, taking 31:31, 0:29 below the handicapper’s mark

Tony Sargisson was the quickest walker on the day, pushing on to finish ahead of Troy in recording 26:12, just 12 seconds over the mark.

David Barber and Marilyn O’Hara took 4th and 5th respectively on handicap.

RWA Track and Road 4.6km

Lovelock Track, 19 May 2019

In a mix of road ( footpath) and track surfaces over approximately 4.6km, it was Troy Sargisson who powered home ahead of the field in 25:25, ahead of Lyndon Hohaia who took 25:41, and Tony Sargisson who was third home in 25:53.

Antonia Martin was next to finish with 31:36 followed by Gareth Jess crossing the finish line in 35:35 and Marilyn O'Hara who completed the event in 43:52

RWA Back to Back Pairs

Auckland Domain, 12 May 2019

In the first RWA back to back pairs races for several years, Lyndon Hohaia and Marilyn O'Hara with a combination of tactics and guile almost burgled the race from the rear, but not quite, as the Troy Sargisson/Grant Pepper pairing were always in control, and recorded 19:48 to the other pair's 19:55.

RWA Prizegiving Beat the best version of yourself 5km

Auckland Domain; 5 May 2019

In an event preceding the club's AGM and prizegiving, members were given the opportunity to win their club sub back if they were able to best their previous season's best, and claimed the best rate of improvement on the previous season.

Some impressive performances followed as the motivated walkers sped around the Auckland Domain's inner circuit.

Alana Mathews, demonstrated a 12% improvement, finishing in 34:22 to claim the top prize.

Tony Sargisson, reeling back the years, stormed home in 25:33, representing a 7% gain, whilst Troy Sargisson registered a 5% gain with his 28:23.

Also in the black, was David Barber who recorded 37:07, a 3% progression, and Rodney Thorne taking 30:57, a 2% raise.

Shirley Barber's 41:14 saw her at 98% with Sarah-Amy Rhind in 34:02 rating at 97.1%. Marilyn O'Hara took 47:30, and guest walker, Kevin Sparks fired in a 36:23.