Dinghy sailing from Petone Beach. 

Sailing instruction for adults and children. 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​COMING UP​​​​​

April 13

For the catch up races we will be running handicap series 3 races 1 & 2


​​​​​Your 2023-24 Committee

Patron: Ron Bailey

President: Grahame Eathorne

Note the above positions are honorary. For the management of the club your contacts are:

​​​​​​Commodore: Ruth Fletcher

Vice Commodore: John Dement (Sailing)

Rear Commodore: Shane Rempala (House)

Treasurer: Malina Stuart

Committee: Jenny Mason, Dave Tattersfield, Matt Poland, Simon Coubrough, Becky White, Peter Affleck.

Other roles:

Junior sailing: Matt Poland & Simon Coubrough

Adult learn-to-sail: Dave Tattersfield

Health & Safety: Matt Stenbo

Trophies: Matt Stenbo

Junior boat storage: Matt Poland

Keys / Clubroom use: Ruth Fletcher

Subs and fees for 2023-24

Check out the subs and fees on the Club Business page. Please note the various options and decide what category best suits as there's a range of family options. We also have a reduced associate rate for junior parents to encourage parents to join and take a more active role.

​​Looking to improve your skills? Its time to start thinking about how you can grow your sailing knowledge - whether you are a junior parent new to sailing, or if you have been around for some time. Coastguard have a range of online courses from Beginning Boating through to Boatmaster, as well as the Maritime VHF Operator Certificate.  For those with more experience YNZ run an online race officer course – even if you are not ready to take on a race officer role you’ll learn a great deal about racing.