Harmony's four pups (sired by Disco) at 6 weeks. 

Hound puppies are cared for by "puppy walkers" from weaning (2-3 months) until they join the pack at about 6 months of age.

If you would like to raise a pup please contact Jordan.


Things you can teach your hound pup:

"Leave it" - use this command if your puppy tries to eat the cat food or the cat, enforce firmly,

"Come" - Use pup's name,

"Kennel Up" - use these words when putting away, bribery is fine.

Teach your puppy to lead and tie up in case he or she is a potential hound show champion.

Your puppy should be accustomed to handling including being picked up.

Please let us know when your puppy starts hunting, it will be time to return to the kennels before the pup gets too independent and will still be a good team member.