July 2011

The mid-winter trip with Seabird Charters was for the benefit of two of the Ryder sons - to celebrate David's 40th birthday and to mark Michael's return from Taiwan and first semester at Massey University studying Food Technology.  The team included the two Ryder sons, one non-Rotarian, a pair of ex-Rotarians and a number of the SFC regular fishermen.

We set off at 7am (well, actually 7:05am after waiting for one fisherman who claimed that it was still before 7 o'clock) and we sailed out of Nelson Harbour in the "Cappy" with Barry & Lynley Bird towards d'Urville Island.

We motored through French Pass and our first stop was off the Rangitoto Island where we hoped to catch some snapper. Only one snapper was caught here and we were saddened to have to throw back many of the large Blue Cod that we caught, for being too big! (This was because of the new Blue Cod regulations)

After this we proceeded to Stephens Passage where we fished for a time - though once again the snapper were somewhat reluctant to be caught. However, Peter had a double hook up of large Trevalley - the only ones caught on this trip.

The fish came in thick and fast when we fished for Kawhai with lures. After this we left Stephens Passage for a spot of fishing off Port Hardy and further South before heading back to Nelson Haven.