November 2015
The SFC once again sailed on "Cappy" on the 1st of November. This date was the final of the Rugby World Cup between Australia and New Zealand played at Twickenham at 5am (NZ time). Barry requested a later start so that all could watch the game. One soul could not be contacted by landline, celphone or email and so rang up when she found noone at the boat.

The routine for the trip was changed - we began by setting a setline off Pepin Island before towing the scallop dredge. We returned to the setline before heading North for our fishing.

The Blue Cod were soon forthcoming and we soon filled our quota. Other fish were less forthcoming than usual but we caught a selection of Sea Perch, Tarakihi and Rachel caught a fine Gurnard ("You can't catch Gurnard on squid bait")

On our return home we pulled up the setline to find a magnificent 8Kg snapper among the fishes caught.

We returned home with a fine collection of fresh fish and some fresh scallops. Thanks once again to Lynley and Barry Bird.