The Fishermans Trophy  -
The John Hannah Memorial Trophy

The Fishermans Trophy  is awarded annually. The current holder chooses the next holder and the trophy is handed over for another year.

The following people have held the trophy in the past:-

  • Keith Ercolano
  • Barrie Staite
  • Terri Potroz
  • Garth Taylor
  • Lester Wilson
  • Graeme Prestidge
  • Graeme Robertson
  • John Ryder
  • Alex Rutherford
  • Brian Pratt
  • Peter Robins
  • Gerit van Asch
  • John Hannah
  • Jim McNabb
  • Rachel Dodd
  • Alan Winwood
  • Rachel Reese
  • Steve Rolston
  • John Ryder (again)
  • Alan Winwood (again)
  • Peter Robins (again)
  • ​​​​​​​Graeme Prestidge (again)
  • John Ryder (once more!)

In December 2011 the current holder, John Hannah was tragically killed in a tramping accident. The trophy was renamed the John Hannah Memorial Trophy and will continue to be  awarded annually by the holder to a deserving recipient.