September 2014

The fishing trip with Seabird Charters was scheduled for Monday 9th September.

However, the Metservice forecast predicted a weather bomb and the trip was re-scheduled for a week later.

A couple of the team had other committments (eg surgical operations, work) and so the team was made up of some new members.

On the morning of Monday 16th September we set out on the "Cappy" at 0700hrs for d'Urville Island. We arrived at Port Hardy after a hot drink and some of Lynley's hot scones.
Our first fishing spot only yielded barracouta and so we shifted on. Ian caught some big cod; Rachel pulled in some fine tarakihi and we were fishing in ernest.
There was a rather cool Westerly wind blowing, but that did not stop the enjoyment.
Later we shifted to some "virgin" fishing territory that Barry had identified on an earlier trip, but had never fished. It proved a very successful spot as some enormous cod were caught (Alan's one, 57cm long, pictured on this page, was noticable) and some snapper were caught here.

At the conclusion of fishing we steamed through Stephens Passage and down the East side of d'Urville Island to French Pass, Current Basin and home again to Port Nelson.

Thanks to our crew, Lynley and Barry Bird for a most enjoyable day's fishing.