March 2014

On 10th March 2014 we set out to D'Urville Island once more with Seabird Charters.
Steve commented to me that (like me) he had never caught a John Dory. That was to change that day when he caught a huge one.
Jamie caught a large Conger Eel and everyone enjoyed themselves catching a selection of Snapper, Maori chief, Barracouta, Tarakihi and Spiny dogfish.

The fishing was not brilliant but we caught our quota of Blue Cod along with a few snapper and quite a lot of big Tarakihi - along with Steve's John Dory and some Maori Chief.

As usual, Lynley's scones were much appreciated.

The weather was overcast until noon but the rain and wind stayed away - altogether it was a most pleasant day.