Squash Auckland is one of 11 districts affiliated to Squash New Zealand, the national sports body. The collaborative relationship that exists between the two organisations enables Squash Auckland to engage at a district level whilst Squash New Zealand operates on the broader national platform.

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Affiliation to Squash Auckland

An affiliation levy is traditionally the cost to belong to an association and it is often an investment in the future of an organisation.  Clubs within the Auckland region affiliate to Squash Auckland as well as Squash NZ.  The affiliation fees payable to the National Association bring some direct benefits to club members (as you would expect) but, in common with other sports organisations, some of the funds are used for the future good of the game as a whole. 

There are several direct benefits which accrue immediately to your club and to individual members.

  • Member clubs can enter National and inter-district competitions.
  • Member Clubs can enter Squash Auckland’s Interclub Competitions.
  • Member clubs will have tournaments listed on the annual tournament calendar - promoted regionally and nationally.
  • Member clubs will have Tournaments/events promoted on Squash Auckland website.
  • Member clubs can access tools via the iSquash intranet platform
  • Member clubs can participate in marketing and development programmes managed by Squash Auckland.
  • Individuals appear on the Squash New Zealand Grading List.
  • Individuals are eligible for National & Regional coaching programmes.
  • Individuals can access coach and referee training courses.
  • Individual members are eligible for talent development programmes run by Squash Auckland.
  • Individuals receive monthly newsletters and updates.
  • Individuals can be selected in New Zealand and District representative teams.
  • Member clubs and individuals are eligible for regional and national awards & prizes.

Indirect Benefits to Club Members

  • There are other less direct (but never-the-less worthwhile) benefits which arise from affiliation:
  • Squash Auckland supports the KiwiSport programme in schools.
  • Squash Auckland partnership with College Sport in Auckland.
  • Squash Auckland provides club-school pathways for squash programmes.
  • Squash Auckland has a dedicated Development Manager to support club initiatives.
  • Squash Auckland supports coaches with Coach Development programme.
  • Squash Auckland provides funding directly to clubs for agreed development programmes.
  • Squash New Zealand undertakes promotion of the game of squash generally.
  • Squash New Zealand selects teams to participate in international competition.

Affiliation Costs

Are based on Senior Equivalent member known as "SEM"
SEM is a financially based formula calculated using the clubs Squash Revenue and Senior Subscription. It ensures that all club members and users of the club’s squash facilities contribute proportionally to the club’s annual affiliation levy.