Squash Auckland Junior Competition

Played on Sunday mornings at various venues around Auckland, the Swiss draw competition gives anyone the lower grades the chance to play out an individual draw, against similar graded players, spread out over 3-4 weeks. 

2023 Competition Dates

Get these dates on your calendar nice and early!

Term 1 (1 Draw):  March 12 & 19
Term 2: Draw 1:  April 30 & May 7
Term 2 Draw 2:  Jun 11 & 18
Term 3 Draw 1:  August 13 & 20
Term 3 Draw 2:  September 3 & 10
Term 4 (1 draw):  October 29 & November 5

Do you want to play regular squash games? 

Junior Interclub is for all players from 0 to 1500 points.  There are draws and opponents waiting for players of all abilities.  Games are played on Sunday mornings from 9.00am to around 10.30am/11.30am at various clubs around Auckland.

How does Junior Interclub work?

Forming a "team" is not necessary - all players play as individuals, not in teams, against players of similar points.  This term we will create five match draws where all players have the same number of games, and ultimately you play for a ranking within your group.  There are no prizes, but it is nice to win….and doesn’t really matter if you do lose.   All games are played for competitive points as the results are logged with NZ Squash. This is a low-pressure competition created to enable junior players to gain 'match experience' at minimal cost to mum and dad with the aim of providing matchplay in a simple format.  

Registration & Payment

Registrations and payment of player fees are all done online 4 matches for $30.  (entries are now OPEN).  Entries via www.aucklandsquashjuniors.nz  go to 'Enrol For Next Draw'. 

If your registration is successful you will immediately receive a Confirmation email.  If you don't receive the confirmation email please contact us.


"I don’t think my son would’ve been as engaged as he was without the motivation of the inter club events. He learned skills and mixed with all ages which gave him the leg up he needed to get his job in hospitality. I’m sure he’ll play squash again socially in the future so thank you for your part in helping him learn the game. Our kids only get the opportunities when adults like you step up to provide them."  

"Thanks for this. My son is now playing senior interclub and his junior days are behind him.  The junior interclub really did give him a springboard in his game, he’s now beating me (the bugger!) and really enjoying his squash. Good on you and thanks for making this happen"

"I just wanted to thank you for giving my son an opportunity to play competitive squash in your competition. It is invaluable to young players starting out and again I can’t thank you and your team enough"