Fees & Contributions

Learn about the breakdown of charges and contributions and the fee payment process.

Attendance Dues: $1,150.00 per student 

As a State Integrated College, Attendance Dues are compulsory.

​​​​​​The Attendance Dues levy you pay will go directly to St Patrick's College Board of Proprietors for the benefit of the College.  Attendance Dues are used by the Proprietors to pay for property insurance premiums, maintain integrated property and to fund modernisation projects.

The bank account number for Attendance Dues is:

St Patrick's College Board of Proprietors


We offer the following payment options:

  • A lump sum of $1,150 by the 31st March 
  • Weekly - $23 x 50 payments 
  • Fortnightly - $46 x 25 payments
  • Monthly - $115 x 10 months 

Payment Process for the Board of Trustees charges detailed below 

Detailed statements are emailed to caregivers at the start of the year and then monthly. Billing is charged and sent in the first instance to the Primary Caregiver. Please advise the Finance Officer if billing is to be split between payers.

Payments can be made by cash or EFTPOS at the school office or by way of internet banking or an automatic payment to the following account:

St Patrick's College Board of Trustees


When paying please specify the following details:

  • Particulars:  Student name
  • Code: Student Number (5 digits)
  • Reference: Fees (or specific purpose)

Unless otherwise specified in the payment details, payments will be applied in the following order of priority:

Boarding Fees - Domestic Student

Damage or Loss of School Property

Voluntary Purchases

Sport Fees

ID Card & Whole of School Travel


Old Boys’ Levy


If you have any queries regarding your son’s account please contact our Finance Officer, Mrs Rebecca Wagstaff at: 

[email protected] or 04-527-1357