Student Code of Behaviour

What takes first place is the concern we have for our pupils. We will make a particular study of the character of each pupil and attempt to gain his confidence in order to better lead him to the Lord and help him more effectively with his work. We will treat our pupils with kindness, gentleness, civility and fairness.

The Society of Mary's Founder, Fr Colin sm

Our College is founded on Marist Values.

These Marist values provide a way of living out the Gospel. It is a way which focuses on the compassion of Jesus. It focuses on the marginalised in society. It is a way that seeks to remove barriers from people rather than create new ones. It is a way that focuses on the individual rather than on any imposed expectations.

In 2012 a large group of students involved in the Marist Values Project selected the following five values as central to the Silverstream way: unity, support, courage, humility and faith.

While the Marist Values provide a way of acting in this College we also have four Guiding Principles that inform our decision making and actions:





When things go wrong

1. We talk about what the problem is

2. The “Catch-up”

3. Referral

4. Removal of a student from class

5. Serious wrongdoing