Society of Mary

At St Patrick’s Silverstream we endeavour to live our faith every day as Mary did

The Society of Mary began in 1816, the vision of a group of young seminarians in the French city of Lyon. This was during the aftermath of the French Revolution when the Church was in turmoil. As a response to this turmoil, Jean-Claude Colin did eventually found the Society of Mary. Reflecting on the unobtrusive way in which Mary was part of and worked in the early Church, Marists are called to be leaders, adventurers and servants of the Church; they can do great things, but prefer not to draw attention to themselves.

In Marist terms, this unobtrusive approach to life and mission is what is called being “hidden and unknown". Mary was a discerning woman, a woman of courage and active faith. Her life, like those of Marists, was marked by spontaneity and joy, and lived out, actively involved in the broader community.

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