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St Patrick’s College Silverstream is a generous answer to the prayers of devoted men who have laboured many long years to achieve a great idea.

Blue and White Editorial 1931


The Blue and White is our school magazine and it takes us on a magical journey through the history of our school and the people who shaped it. The Blue and White started in 1931 at the school’s inception where there was a teaching staff of 16 (all Marist Fathers) - much smaller than the 50 we have today! St Patrick’s Silverstream was originally designed to be a boarding school with St Patrick’s Kilbirnie being the day school.

The school magazine grew into the accurate record of the life of the College, a diary of the lives of young men now in the twilight of their years, a record of past glories that echo those times when limbs were strong, hearts beat with passion and the good times shared with fellow schoolmates became life-long memories. As the years have gone by, the Blue and White has evolved to more than just that. It now holds the history of the College, the source of any research or enquiry and the treasured taonga of the stories of a time long ago.

Very rarely do the fanciful castles which we build in our hours of wishful dreaming descend from the air wherein they are fashioned; still rarely do they grow in beauty and increase in grandeur if ever they pass from the twilight of fancy into the searching sunlight of an earthly day.

Blue and White Editorial 1931

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