Become a member of our amazing 24/7 Gym today!

Located inside the Rugby and Sports Clubroom, our 24/7 gym has everything you need including rowing machines, stationary bikes, squat racks, bench press and free weights to meet your fitness goals.

We have strict rules in place around the use of our Rugby and Sports Club Gym, as we are located in a residential area and need the support of our neighbours to keep these fantastic facilities open, therefore, a membership criteria applies.

Gym Access is available 24/7 via a swipe card. 

Eligible applicants will be required to fill in an application form, which sets out the facilities terms and conditions of use. 

For more information or to apply for a membership, please contact, 

Ashlee Strange

Phone: +64 21 023 01332

Email: glenn​​​​​​​[email protected]