How do I become a Rugby Referee?

Interested in signing up to become a Tasman Rugby Referee? The process is easy and fast: we can have you on our list within minutes!

So kick off your refereeing career in Tasman by:

  • Give our Ref Administrator Stephen Caunter a call on 0272705980
  • Email Stephen at [email protected]

We will contact you and arrange to meet you to give you an insight into the exciting world of rugby refereeing!

From there:

  1. You will be invited to attend the next Sub-Association meeting
  2. You will receive ongoing training and support
  3. You will receive your referee gear
  4. Your coach will be appointed
  5. Your game will be appointed
  6. You will be periodically reviewed and awarded TRR membership once all criteria has been met

Please contact us at any point if you're feeling unsure about any part of the process, or if you would simply prefer to chat to us over the phone.

More about the benefits of being a Rugby Referee... 

We're always happy to speak with potential new referees, and we've got all the information you need right at our fingertips. We're also more than happy to have you come along to one of our games for a sneak preview of what a referee does: if this sounds like something you may be interested in, please call.