Who can become a Rugby Referee?

People are quite often telling us that they would be very keen to give refereeing a go - but they believe they're either too unfit, too young, too old, too busy or too far behind the rules of the game!

Well we can assure you that is never an issue!​​​​​​​

Tasman Rugby Referees welcome referees from ALL walks of life - from any age over 13, and with only a basic level of fitness (we do encourage you to keep active if possible!!).

We not only teach you the ins and outs of refereeing, but we also take the time and effort to ensure you fully understand the rules of the game, the positions of the players, and the rights of the ref during, before and after the match.

Do you think you're not fit enough to become a Rugby Referee?

Then think again! You don't need to be an Olympic athlete or a gym junkie to become a Tasman Ref, in fact some of our best referees are simply old pros who know what to look out for, and when to blow the whistle!

It's all about understanding the game, keeping the action flowing, and ensuring players at all levels play safely and fairly.

You will need to have fairly good eyesight; but as long as you can keep up with the movement of play, you'll be fine!

We certainly encourage a healthy, active lifestyle however, and to be honest, it does help somewhat if you're not completely left behind the pack; so it is also a great excuse to get fit and keep active!

Do you think your age might be an issue?

As long as you're over 13 and still light on your feet, you'll be excellent referee material! 

Generally the earlier you start refereeing, the better, but a lower age limit of 13 years is most common. The upper limit is often governed only by the person's fitness and desire to continue.

We love having the younger generation coming through our referee training, as it assists them in observing and understanding the game from every angle; and opens up many doors to them in future sporting employment.

It's increasingly common for players at high school to rather take up the whistle as they realise they perhaps don't have the physical attributes to make it to the top as a player.

We also love having the older 'pro' generation coming through, as they understand the game from a unique perspective, and often bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience which they can then pass on to the players they referee for.

Whatever your age, we would love to have you join us - so that's another excuse you can wipe off your list!

Too busy to take up the whistle?

In any sport, success requires commitment, and it's no different to refereeing.

Refereeing a game is as simple as arriving, putting on your gear, having a quick chat with the teams, walking onto the field, refereeing the game and leaving!

We don't require any more commitment than what you are able to offer, and we don't make you feel guilty for being unable to attend when your life gets in the way! We do ask for cooperation and communication; however that's plain old good Kiwi manners isn't it!

In addition to fitness training, there is a Law Book that requires some study and Training Meetings available for you to attend where we discuss previous week's games and refereeing techniques in more detail.

You have a busy life, we understand. We are just grateful for the time and effort you are willing to spare for the greatest game on earth.

So please, before you opt out on account of your hectic schedule, give us a call first! You may just get a surprise at the actual time commitment that's involved.

Haven't played enough of the game to become a Referee?

So you don't know the side line from the advantage line? Your scrums from your lineouts? Your offsides from your kick offs? Well.. don't worry for a second; we are trained to teach you every rule, position, Foul Play and Fair Play to each and every new referee that comes through our doors! ​​​​​​​

We'll take the mystery right out of the sport, so that you can become a fair and balanced referee for any team. Of course, these things take a bit of time and practice, and we won't throw you in at the deep end!

People with previous playing experience have an advantage over someone who's never played, but that is not a limiting factor. If you're prepared to put in the effort, watch school and club games, and matches on TV, and diligently learn the skills of the trade, there is no doubt you can become a competent referee.

You''ll be supported and coached until you are finally ready to 'go it alone' - and trust us, when that day comes, you'll be walking on air. And we'll be right there beside you to celebrate!

Why become a Rugby Referee... 

So whatever your reasons may be for NOT becoming a referee, we've got the answer!

Contact us today to find out more - we're waiting for your call!!