Why become a Rugby Referee?

There are plenty of reasons why becoming a rugby referee will be the best decision you make this year. We hardly have enough space to list them all!

Refereeing a closely-fought game of rugby is one of the most exhilarating things you can do, the pressure of making the correct decision in an instant is a huge adrenalin rush for most referees.

From your own personal health gains through to your community involvement, the people you'll meet and the places you'll go, the energy you'll discover through getting involved and the fanstastic role model you will become to not only your own kids (if you have some) but every child, teenager and sportsperson on the field. ​​​​​​​

Those are all great reasons on their own - but when you throw in the opportunity for professional development; with refereeing as a career path - it's a no brainer! Why become a referee? Because you're that kind of person, and you're ready to show it!

Become faster, better, stronger, fitter!

You may not think you have it in you to become a Tasman Referee - but you may be surprised at the change that occurs in every single one of our new referees during the course of a single season.

It's almost as if simply by being engaged with a sport - no matter that they're not actually playing - their body responds with bursts of adrenalin that resolve into action and results in energy!

We have noticed that our referees gain a huge amount of personal fitness and active health benefits throughout the course of a season - want a new, better you? Why not do it the natural way! With refereeing, it happens almost without you noticing the change - and best of all, it's great fun!

Show your community your true colours

Everyone respects the referee. You will notice that every person on that field will admire you for your knowledge, your fair play, your dedication, and most of all, simply for showing up. Every parent, friend, relative and player on that field knows the time and energy that you are giving up has been donated by you, with no thought for reward.

Your community will grow to respect and admire you for your selfless attitude, your commitment, and your reliability. Want to be more? Become a referee and you will notice the difference.

New People, New Places, New Opportunities!

When you become a Tasman Referee, you'll be sent to different locations throughout the Tasman region that you may never have seen before. You'll be interacting with different people every week, making new friends, broadening your social horizons.

You'll meet new people from all walks of life and have a great opportunity to give something back to the sport.

You will be out there, exploring, growing and living! Becoming a referee opens doors and changes lives. Don't believe us? Find out for yourself!

Become your own role model.

Yes, that could easily have read ' become your kids role model', or 'become your teams role model' - but actually, when it comes down to it, the truth is that the only person you need to be impressing is yourself.

Once you have become your own role model, other people will naturally start looking to you for guidance and for advice: they will be attracted to your confidence and your happiness.

Why would becoming a referee help you in this? Because you will be placed in a position where other people will be looking to you for decisions and answers; and you will need to be ready to defend your position.

Referees are strong, sure, confident and fair: these are all qualities that you will find in yourself during the rugby season. Become a natural leader and a sure-footed role model; we can show you how.

What about player/spectator abuse?

Player and spectator abuse is part and parcel of modern-day sport. However, Rugby is one of the codes that is determined to reduce the frequency and severity of this phenomenon, and the provincial unions as well as NZ Rugby have taken significant steps in this regard.

NZ Rugby implemented an initiative called APPLAUD, designed to educate the public about the effects this abuse actually has on the players, referees and coaches.

Rugby is a tough and physical game but the Laws of the Game make specific provision to outlaw referee abuse. 


Referee the BIG games - referee your way into a professional career!

Where do you think all of those glamorous international referees started off?? That's right, in training through their local rugby clubs!

If you have ever considered a career in rugby refereeing, then this is the way to start. Start off with your local games, but aim your sights towards the Mitre 10 Cup games, Super Rugby, World 7s Series, and the World Cup finals!

Just think of the life: constant immersion in the game you love, flights to interesting cities in far-flung destinations, the eyes of thousands of people glued to you, waiting for your decisions... It's a pretty exciting world out there, and becoming a Tasman Rugby Referee might just get you on the right track to exploring it in style!

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