A series of races at the Kelly Road circuit at Te Tumu (same as Thursday nights).

Race Format:

Race 1 - Mass Start

Races 2, 3 and 4 - Handicap Start


Open Grade - 4 laps (44km)

Under 17 - 3 laps (33km)

"E Grade" - 3 laps (33km)

Under 15 - 2 laps (22km)

Entry Fees

$2 members (including members of any other CNZ affiliated club), $5 for non members

Pre-pay online. Pay for all 4 races ($8 for CNZ members or $20 for non members). 

Tauranga Road Cycling Club: 01-0475-0002974-00 Reference "Winter Series" include your name if possible

Race 1

​​​​​​​Mass start - everyone starts together.

Placings and times from the first race then determine the handicaps for the next three races. Points are allocated for each placing, so it is well worth sprinting even if you are down the finish order, as it can make a difference when the points are tallied up at the end of the series.

People who have a "Recognised Mishap" (Puncture, fall or failure of an essential part of the bike) resulting in them having to pull out of the race will still get some points, so their day is not wasted.
Junior & E Grade prizes will be determined by the number of riders

Junior riders can ride the Open Grade if they want to, but once a grade is selected, you remain in that grade for the entire series.

See you there​​​​​​​