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Te Tau Ihu is named for the nose of the waka of Maui, the mythical Maori hero who fished up the North Island from his waka, which became the South Island. Te Tau Ihu o te waka o Maui translates to the nose of the waka of Maui and has become the Te Reo name for the Top of The South Island.

Centuries ago seven waka arrived into the bays of Nelson, bringing many iwi, families and peoples into the Top of the South Island. Here they created a community and a sense of shared way of living that benefited them all and created history.

The Te Tau Ihu Baseball Assocation is introducing the sport to youth across this region bringing together schools, clubs, officials and families and hopes to create history of its own. 

Baseball has been played in the Nelson-Tasman region since 2016 and introduced into Marlborough in 2021.

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