Creating positive and supportive environments


Originally designed as Touch New Zealand’s Positive Support Sideline programme, AWHI has become much more in recent times with its principles of Attitude, Whanau, Harmony and Integrity reflecting the true nature, attitudes and behaviours of our Touch whanau and communities.

AWHI is widely recognised and used by our Referees and Coaching sectors as well as many of our Provincial and Module based players and supporters.

Underpinning this Kaupapa is the AWHI Promise with its simple values that go to the heart of what we as a sport strive for, positive and supportive environments that are respectful and inclusive for all.

At all Touch New Zealand tournaments, the AWHI Promise has become a fundamental part of the registration process for all Coaches, Managers and Administrators. Recently, even players are now completing the AWHI Promise, reflecting the increasing desire of athletes to compete at the highest level in fair, positive and supportive environments.​​​​​​​


AWHI Documents