​​​​​​​TNZ Foundation Referee Course


Touch NZ is excited to release a new online Foundation referee course which will be an opportunity for members to upskill on the FIT 5th Edition playing rules free of charge. 

The online course will provide users with all fundamental skills and education required to referee touch at the community level.  There are interactive elements, videos, and knowledge checkpoints along the way to assist learners. 

The course is broken into ten modules, which users can complete at their own pace:

Course Topics are:

- Topic 1 (Introduction) 

- Topic 2 (Role of the Referee) 

- Topic 3 (Possession) 

- Topic 4 (Touch & Rollball) 

- Topic 5 (Communication) 

- Topic 6 (Positioning) 

- Topic 7 (7M Zone & Try Procedure) 

- Topic 8 (Teamwork) 

- Topic 9 (Drop-off Procedure) 

- Topic 10 (Game Management) 

For more about the course click here. To make sure you are supported through the course we have developed a User “How to Guide” which is below.