Waikanae Croquet Club Inc.

The Waikanae Croquet Club is situated in the Waikanae Park and we hope that more Kapiti residents will join us on our beautiful grounds in Park Avenue and learn to play this enjoyable and challenging fun sport.

Croquet is not an expensive game to play. There is a modest annual subscription and all that is required to start, is a pair of flat soled shoes and a mallet (which can be borrowed from the Club for the first season)

Free lessons are available to those interested in having a go and for those who go on to join the club a first year, half- subscription fee is offered.

There are two versions of the game, Association Croquet and Golf Croquet and  both games are played on the Club’s 5 lawns at 60 Park Avenue Waikanae and attract players of all ages and gender.

We have members who enjoy their Croquet on a purely social level for the fun and friendship and others who enjoy the challenge of competition, which if taken seriously can lead to National and even overseas Tournaments.

After the initial lessons, all players will find their own level of skill and enjoy the fun, the company, and exercise from either game.

Our club has about 80 members and as well as regular playing days and competitions we also host tournaments for players from other Clubs.

We also have several social occasions throughout the year and many of our members enjoy playing Mah-Jong in the clubhouse over winter.

If you think you might like to join us or would like further information                                                               please call our 

                              Club President -  Gary Lloyd 021 248 0412

                         or     ​​​​​​​Club  Captain - Angela Lee   021 141 9876