Puahue Trust

The Puahue Golf Club set up a trust fund when the Club went into recess.  The purpose of this trust was to provide monies to subsidise or assist a junior boy or girl golfer in the Waikato.  The money which will become availabe from time to time, is the earnings from a trust fund of approximately $1,000.00 per year.  The purpose of of this memorandum is to accquaint clubs with the workings of the trust and to call for nominations from clubs for potential recipients.  The following is the criteria for nomination:

The nomination must be from a Golf Club in the Waikato
The nomination is for a junior boy or girl and the trustees have determined that such nominee will be under the age of 19 at the date of nomination.
The recipients are to be considered by the trustees to have the ability to become district or national representatives.

Monies granted to a player maybe used for coaching, equipment, travel, tournament assistance or any other expense considered by the trustees to be worthy of reimbursement.  The grant will be available once an announcement has been made to the successful nominee or nominees.  Should there not be a suitable applicant in the view of the trustees then the monies are to be accumulated for future distribution.