Policies & Regulations

Carts Policy

The following is the policy on the use of carts in Waikato Golf Association

  • The use of carts is allowed for all interclub competitions; players may share a cart in both singles and foursomes play provided they are playing in the same team pairing. 
  • The use of carts will always be at the discretion of the host club.
  • The committee reserve the right to vary these rules in exceptional circumstances and if these occur a decision will be made with the assistance of the NZ Golf policy on the matter.

Amateur Status Regulations

New Zealand Golf would like to remind Clubs that there are strict regulations in regard to prize values.

There is a growing proliferation of Corporate Golf Tournaments being held at New Zealand Golf Clubs, and you should take some responsibility for ensuring that the prize limitations are adhered to.

The maximum in any one competition is a prize with a retail value of NZ$1,500.00.

The regulations previously in place for Hole in One prizes have largely been dispensed with. The rules now place no restrictions on the value of Hole in One prize’s except that the prize must have been awarded for an event happening during a round of golf and not at a fun park or special Hole in One Competition.

I ask that you refer to 5.11 in the current version of the Golf Club Manual to understand more about the amateur code.

If you have any doubts, Please contact the NZGA Office for clarification.


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Policy for Suspension of Match Play Events

Suspension of play will be announced by the sounding of a hooter.
Upon the sounding of the hooter to suspend play, balls must be marked where they lie, pending resumption of play, except if one player has completed the hole the other player has the option of finishing.
• The Committee reserves the right to make a decision on equity, when it is impossible to complete a match or series of matches in accordance with the rules of golf.

Procedure for Suspension

Match Committee:

  1. Shall consist of the Waikato Golf Association Zone Reps on duty for the day.
  2. Where weather or other factors disrupt play the Match Committee in consultation with the Host Club Management will consider the following options
    • Delay Play
    • Reduce the number of holes to be played
    • Consider any other options deemed appropriate
  3. The Match Committee’s Decision shall be final in all cases.

AGM Minutes

2023 , Sunday 26th February.  Draft Minutes

WGA Power Point Presentation - 2023

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