Year 1960

Additional Courts

Two more courts were added (a doubles court and a singles court). The high wire fence was left in place down No 3 court to provide separate fenced secure area for courts 4 & 5, as at that time the basketball club had the right to use these courts from 15 March – 16 September every season for a rental of €1.10.0d per year.

Did you know that court 5 and the volley board area had previously been deeply excavated in the late 1950’s for the purpose of building the town swimming pool? This idea was subsequently abandoned and the very large hole filled in.

Year 1961

Concrete block volleyboard completed and surrounding pads ashphalted by voluntary club labour.

Year 1962

Wainuiomata tennis club ball held in Rugby Club. The initial Tennis Club “Ball” was held in the Rugby Club.

Year 1964

Subject: Ball held in Community Centre.

Such was the success of the annual Wainuiomata tennis club ball that the venue was moved to the larger Community Centre.

Marvelous themed decorations made by Norm and Helen Toomer. Different theme each year, involving literally months of preparation.

Wonderful floor shows, performed by Wainuiomata tennis club members – after months of practice under the tutelage of professional dancers (e.g: Denny McDonald).

Tickets sold out literally in hours.

Year 1966

Subject: First addition to Permanent Pavilion

The overall floor space was extended and new toilets, kitchen and office built.

Year 1972/73

25th Jubilee Year Celebrations (Taken from year of Incorporation).

Year 1974

First Champion of Champions Tournament

In 1974 Wainuiomata tennis club took the lead and commenced running the Hutt Valley Champion of Champions Tournament, which saw the champions from all Hutt Valley clubs compete in a tournament over a weekend to find the HVLTA singles, doubles and mixed doubles Champion of Champions.

This tournament was run for approximately 23 years and proved very popular, particularly for the first 9 years. Organisation in its heyday involved:

Parking warden (for grass reserve)
Temp Swimming Pool (we didn’t have showers in those days)
Radio coverage
Team of women who started buttering rolls at 5am in the morning
Food & more food
Umpires & linesmen
Sponsors and magnificient prizes
Hoards of spectators
High profile speakers/prize presenters

El Presidente Tournament

The initial El Presidente Tournament was held in 19  . The intention was to provide a doubles/mixed doubles tournament for those ‘mature’ players who participated in the Presidents Grade of Interclub.

The tournament was usually timed to take place either just before Interclub commenced, or after Interclub finished.

This Wainuiomata tennis club initiative was very well received by Hutt Valley President Grade players and, although some years were missed, it is still being run in 2008.

Year 1975

Subject: Court re-surfacing and floodlights

All 5 courts were resurfaced in ashphalt, the netting between courts 3 & 4 taken down and subsequently 5 full double courts established. 2 courts were floodlit and the night league tennis competition was introduced to the club.