Year 1981

Pavilion Extention

The existing pavilion was extended to incorporate a lounge area and showers were added to both the ladies and mens ablution areas.

Norm Toomer was very involved in the concept of the new lounge, and oversaw the whole project including the interior decorating. The lounge was named “The Norm Toomer Lounge” and this facility has had a lot of use over the years.

Year 1987

New Astro Turf Surface

A new “artificial grass’ surface was laid on all 5 courts, which resulted in some 70 tonne of sand being spread and bedded down by Wainuiomata tennis club members after the contractor was ‘laid off’!

A great innovation for Wainuiomata tennis club, which saw a big reduction in ball and tennis shoe wear and tear. It also meant that we could play in all weathers.

Year 1990

Additional flood lights installed

All 5 courts now floodlit.

Year 1995

Floodlights upgraded to a very high standard.

Year 1997/98

Wainuiomata tennis club 50th Jubilee celebrations (from time of Incorporation).