Coach Rugby in 2021

Following the re-appointment of JONNIE TE-RUKI CHAMBERS as 1st XV Coach, Wellington College Rugby is now calling for a 1st XV forwards coach (see ibnformation below) as well as coaches and managers for our other grades (Under 18 Open (2nd XV-Colts  XV), Under 15 Open weight, Under 65kg, Under 55kg) to become part of the overall WC Rugby coaching team for the 2021 season.

Any coaching experience would be desirable, but all applicants must be able to demonstrate leadership and excellent communication and also have a dedication to work cooperatively with the Club Convenor and the College to ensure a positive and collaborative culture within the WC Rugby coaching team.

Applicants should be proficient in coaching backs or forwards and most importantly bring enthusiasm to the role.

Managers are also required for all teams. The major responsibility of these roles is to relieve the team coaches of off-field organisational matters.

Applications, outlining relevant experience and credentials for the respective role, should be addressed to the Rugby Convenors: Hayden Viles - [email protected] and Mat Burgess - [email protected]

RE: Wellington College 1st XV Rugby Forwards Coach 2021

Wellington College is looking for a forwards coach for the 1st XV rugby team in the 2021 season. For this position it would be beneficial to have relevant experience coaching at club or secondary school level. 

This role will involve yearly and weekly planning of the team and players, match day management, analysis of games and understanding how to coach young teenage boys through their development as a player and student at Wellington College.

In more detail the roles and responsibilities of this coach will be as follows:


  1. To assist in the planning, selection and development of players

  1. To provide technical and tactical coaching to all the forwards 

  1. Develop all aspects of forward play. The main emphasis will be but not limited to the following:

  1. Scrum - development of strong individual and scrum process and techniques to ensure the scrum functions at its highest level

  2. Lineout - development of strong individual positional requirements and process, attack and defensive roles to ensure a cohesive unit is formed and functioning. This includes “the maul” to be used as a source to attack and defend from

  3. Restart - aerial receipt and responsibilities

  4. Defence - In conjunction with the co-coach develop strong alignments in philosophies and attitudes towards required outcomes.

  1. Prepared to start pre-season planning and training in Term 4 of 2020

Applications, outlining relevant experience and credentials for the respective role, should be addressed to the Rugby Convenors: Hayden Viles - [email protected] and Mat Burgess - [email protected]