Whitford Forrest Archers was formed in 1987 by Trevor Irvine. Trevor's dream was to form a club with the facilities to shoot field rounds, animal rounds and to be able to participate in competition shoots. The club was formed with the family concept in mind so that all the family could participate from recreational level through to the competition level. Since 1987 the club has produced a number of world champion shooters from cub through to senior levels.

It was originally set up at two locations, Te Puru Park at Beachlands as well as in the Whitford Forest, catering for both field (in the forest) and target archery (Te Puru Park). Later, as demand for space grew Te Puru Park became less viable and the clubs focus went to Field archery, moving completely into Whitford Forest where it has stayed to this day. (Although it has been forced to different locations within the forest over the years due to logging operations)

The club was the first archery club in New Zealand to introduce 3D targets with the importation of a set of animal targets. The club also arranged competitions to promote the use of these targets that included all ranges of ages and abilities of shooters.

The club actively encouraged the cubs, juniors and the new adult archers in our sport using the New Zealand Field Archery Associations novice system. This allows these archers to compete in club days and competitions by shooting shorter distances, so as to obtain confidence in themselves and their shooting ability before advancing to the senior distances.

The club also historically had a hunting section for those that were interested and had an award system for small and large game harvested throughout the year by club members.