1. SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED within the boundaries of the Whitford Forest.

2. NO ALCOHOL is permitted within the forest perimeter.

3. When driving in the forest, headlights must be turned on at all times.

4. Max speed limit is 30 km/hr.

5. All organised activities are under the jurisdiction of the club president, or a person nominated by him, whose decisions are final.

6. No wildlife shall be shot at within the forest.

7. No damage shall be caused to flora or fauna except as part of course maintenance or improvement or as otherwise expressly granted by the club committee members.

8. All rubbish is to be placed in rubbish receptacles at the club building or taken away from the forest.

9. All shooting must be within designated shooting areas only.

10. Broad-head arrow points are prohibited on any shooting range.

11. All persons intending to shoot must sign in with the registrar, pay the appropriate fee & complete a score card including their name, date & course type (e.g. field, hunter or animal) before entering either the practice range or field courses.

12. There is to be no shooting unless the warning signs & flags are out on the road.

13. All Juniors & Cubs must be accompanied by an adult shooter.

14. Basic safety rules apply at all times.

15. No arrow is to be loaded on a bow until standing at the shooting line or peg.

16. A drawn bow, whether loaded or not, must be aimed at nothing other than the appropriate target butt.

17. No overhead drawing.

18. No-one shall touch or handle another archer’s equipment without their express permission.

19. On club days a Range Officer will be appointed who is responsible for shooting activities at the practice range prior to groups moving off onto the field/animal courses.

20. On the practice range, the instructions of the Range Officer must be strictly complied with at all times. (e.g. to shoot or cease shooting, to collect arrows etc)

21. If the "Practice Range Closed" sign is displayed, shooting on the practice range is prohibited. The sign must not be removed without express permission of a committee member.

22. Ensure equipment is checked prior to shooting, including arrows, nocks, strings etc. Equipment failure can injure yourself & others.

23. If the hooter sounds 3 times, all shooting activity is to cease immediately, & everyone is to make their way to the club room.

24. If any person gives a signal to stop shooting, all archers must cease fire or hold immediately, irrespective of the status of the shot (even if they are about to release), until the reason for the signal is made clear and any possible danger is past.

25. Unsportsmanlike behaviour will not be tolerated.

26. SCORING:                                                        

  • No arrows may be touched until all arrows have been scored.
  • On the field course, IFAA scoring rules apply.
  • On the animal course, scoring appropriate to the type of target being used will apply.
  • Skids or glances off the ground will not count.
  • An archer who shoots arrows in excess of the prescribed number, loses the score of the arrow (or arrows) of the higher value.
  • In the event of a miss-shot arrow, the arrow may be re-shot, provided the arrow can be reached from the archer¬ís position at the shooting line/peg.
  • Arrows passing through the target face but retained in the butt, may be pushed back & scored accordingly.
  •  If an arrow hits the scoring area but bounces off or an arrow passes through the scoring area & is not retained in the butt, another arrow, which is specially marked, shall be shot.
  • An archer who shoots at the wrong target face or from the wrong peg loses the value of that arrow, it may not be re-shot.
  • When shooting stand behind, & within 6 inches of the peg.
  • An arrow must cut though the line into the higher zone to score the higher points.