Cardinals Taekwondo Club Etiquette

Should I learn all these rules?

We’ve put this guide together as otherwise it may take you years to work out what we expect from our students!  We don’t expect white belts to get everything right straight away.  The core of these expectations is respect for the instructors and other students training, so that everyone can benefit from the training sessions.

Sideline Etiquette​​​​​​​

While parents are welcome to watch the session from the back of the hall, please don't call out to your child or comment during the training.  Students never respond well to this!  Leave the instructing to the instructors- if there are issues you wish to raise please see the instructor afterwards. For many reasons some students do better without being watched by family- we'll let you know if we think this is the case!

What should I wear to training?

A clean and tidy, preferably ironed, dobok.  You can wear a white singlet (no coloured layers) under the top if preferred.  For white belts and coloured belts, please wear a top with a white collar (if you have already purchased one with a black collar these are permitted, but please buy a white collared one next time).   For Friday nights, arrange your hogu, headgear, mouthguard etc where they can quickly be put on when needed.

Belts should be put on in the hall, and removed in the hall before leaving.  The belt needs to go twice round your body with the belt fold pointing upwards, and the knot should incorporate both layers of the belt.  There is a link to a ‘how to tie your belt’ video on our website.  If you need to adjust your belt or tidy your dobok during the session, turn to face the back of the hall first.  If your belt falls off during training, continue the exercise and retie your belt at the next break.

What should I do before the session starts?

Arrive early whenever possible- preferably 15 minutes before instruction starts, bowing to the flags as you enter the hall.  Help put the mats out BEFORE fixing your belt or doing anything else.  Then quickly get yourself ready, and line up when asked.

What if I arrive late and the session has started?

Walk up the side of the hall, bow to the instructor and say “Sorry I am late”.  The instructor will tell you where to line up.

What should I do if I have to leave early?

Tell the instructor before the class starts.  Then at the time you have to go, just bow off the mats and leave.

When should I bow to the flags?

-As you enter or leave the dojang (training hall)

-At the start and end of the session when instructed to

-As you step off the mat area when leaving it to get a drink or visit the toilet

-When asked to by an instructor or senior belt, eg  to your partner at the start or end of an activity, to visiting examiner.

It is not necessary to bow when stepping off the mat to line up for a training activity.

What if I need to use the toilet during the session?

Attract the instructor’s attention (or the attention of a senior belt) and make a “T’ signal with your hands.  The instructor will give permission for you to bow off the mats.

What if I need a drink of water during the session?

Please wait for the instructor to announce a drink break.   Always remember to bring your drink bottle to training.   No fizzy or sugary drinks please.

How do I acknowledge that I have heard an instructor’s instruction?

Quickly reply “Yes, Sahbunim”

How do I bow?

Place your straight arms against your sides without creating a slapping noise, with fists clenched loosely.  Bend at the waist, looking towards the ground and not at the instructor.  Slide your hands down your legs a few cm as you bow.  If you are bowing to a few people in one go, just bow straight down and up in their general direction, rather than rotating and trying to include them all in your bow!

What is the order for bowing at the end of class?

The oldest senior belt calls for bows (Cha Ryut- attention; Kyung Yet- bow) to: 1. The Flags, 2. Sahbunim (Instructor); 3. Black Belts;   then 4. Instructor calls for bow to the Senior Belt.

What should I do with my mobile phone?

In most circumstances mobile phones should be switched off or turned to silent.  If you need to be available for calls from, for example, your babysitter or unwell relative, turn on your ‘do not disturb’ and ‘allow’ calls from that person.  If you are expecting an important call and need to leave the phone on, it is courteous to discuss this with the instructor beforehand.

What should I do if I injure myself during training?

Inform the instructor who will assess the injury.  If it is significant (i.e. you can’t go back to training within a few minutes) the injury will be recorded in the club injury book and a parent (if applicable) will be informed.  We have an ice spray, and a first aid kit available. If you come to training with a new injury, you must inform the instructor beforehand.

What is considered disrespectful?

Talking over an Instructor, mucking around or chatting when waiting, folding your arms across your chest.