POOMSAE (Patterns)

Poomsae Youtube videos

1. Il Jang       Click here

2. E Jang       Click here

3. Sam Jang  Click here

4. Sa Jang     Click here

5. O Jang       Click here

6. Yuk Jang   Click here

7. Chil Jang   Click here

8. Pal Jang   Click here

There are eight patterns (Taegeuks) for coloured-belt students to learn and demonstrate during gradings, to display proficiency in individual techniques and the ability to perform techniques in a logical sequence. The Taegeuk patterns are all intended to simulate multiple attacks coming at the student.  The Taegeuk patterns become progressively more complex, and introduce more advanced techniques the higher you go. Taegeuk Il Jang (the first pattern, said to symbolize "Heaven and Earth") is the simplest, employing only basic techniques.

To get them right requires a great deal of practice (at home as well as during training sessions) and understanding of the various techniques.  All the techniques need to be performed with precision, accuracy and power. Your instructor is expecting to see techniques that will be effective in blocking the attack of an opponent, and kicks, strikes and punches that will disable that opponent.

If you want to check a stance or other aspect of a poomsae you have learnt, Click here on this website which is recommended for poomsae 1-5.

Once a pattern is performed at a successful grading, you carry on practising that pattern throughout your Taekwondo training. The examiner may ask to see Taegeuk Il Jang (or any pattern previously learnt) at any one of your higher level gradings.

There are Poomsae competitions in local, national and international tournaments.