I'm a beginner- when can I start?

We invite new beginners to come along to try out a free session.  Contact us to find out when the next group of beginners will be starting.

What happens during my first class?

Please arrive before the session starts so you can meet the instructor who can answer any questions you might have.  At the start of the session we line up on the mats in grade order to bow to the flags and senior belts - you'll be at the back, following what the people in front of you do.  Some of the instructions are in Korean, but just follow along and you'll get the hang of it.  Then we do a warmup, usually followed by 20 minutes of cardio exercises such as running, pressups, starjumps etc. Often the beginners will be taken aside to go through some basic movements with an instructor. The rest of the class will vary from week to week but may involve practicing kicks, blocks and punches, our patterns, self-defence, and more. At the end we do a cool-down, then line up again to bow off the mat.

I'm not fit- can I do taekwondo?

Yes.  You will get fitter and more flexible by practising.  During the sessions you work to your own level- there is a wide range of fitness, flexibility and athleticism in the club, but we are all on the same journey!

I have a medical problem or disability, can I do taekwondo?

You are welcome to contact our instructors to discuss how your medical problem might impact on your ability to participate. Often your training can be adapted so it doesn't exacerbate a chronic or acute problem.

Is my child old enough to start taekwondo?

We take students from the age of 7 years, though around this age it will depend on their ability to concentrate for the length of the class.  Trying a session will give you an idea of whether it is the right time. 

Can I train with my child?

Yes.  We have several parents who train with their children.  Our sessions are mixed age and gender and we all train together, though the senior belt classes tend to have a higher ratio of adults.

Do males and females train differently?

Within club training sessions, people of all genders train together as one group and we do the same training, wear a unisex uniform, and spar against each other. We have male and female instructors. In tournaments, there are 'male' and 'female' categories for poomsae and sparring.

Am I too old to start taekwondo?


What equipment do I need for taekwondo?

When you come along to check out the club, wear clothes you feel comfortable to exercise in, eg tracksuit pants and Tshirt.  When you decide to join, you will need to buy a white uniform (dobok) which can be purchased from the club for $40, or on TradeMe.  We train in bare feet on mats.  As you advance through the belts and start to spar, you will probably want to buy your own protective gear but to start with you can use the club gear, with the exception of a mouthguard which you will need to purchase as they are compulsory for contact sparring.

What style dobok do I need?

See the style worn in the photo on this page- it is a plain white dobok, with a white collar (black collars are worn by black belts).  Our preferred style is  'over the head' rather than wrap-around.  Try to avoid decorative images and writing on the dobok (with exception of club badge etc).

Can I stay and watch my child during the class?

You are welcome to stay during the class, or leave your child at the session.

How much does it cost to train?

Training fees are $85 per student per term (four terms a year) or $120 per family, however many sessions you choose to attend each week.  So the more members of your family that join and the more sessions you attend, the better the value.  There is also an annual fee to our supporting organisation Taekwondo NZ of $10 per person.  Grading, which usually occurs twice a year, is $35 for the junior belts and $50 for the senior belts per grading.

Is taekwondo good for self-defence?

The club teaches a number of self defence techniques including breaking away from an attacker's grip.  Repeated practice of these techniques makes them more likely to be effective in a real situation.

Which Taekwondo organisations are Cardinals affiliated with?

We practise the World Taekwondo (WT) style, which differs from International Taekwondo (ITF).  We are are an independent club and not affiliated with a union, but attend events organised by Taekwondo New Zealand (TNZ) and Taekwondo Union of NZ (TUNZ).