Dunedin Netball welcomes all new Members to our Centre!

For anyone who wishes to play, coach, or officiate netball in Dunedin in 2024, the information and links on this page will be helpful in answering some questions you might have. 

Dunedin Netball runs competitions and programmes for players from Year 1 right through to Premier A, including a Premier Men's competition.

Click here for more information around competition and programme days for all levels. Click the button below to see the 2024 calendar.

Social Competition: The Edgar Centre runs a Women's only and Mixed Social Competition on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Please see their facebook page for more information around social netball

New Coaches

For anyone interested in coaching, at any level, please click on the button below to go to the Coaching page which has resources for any level.

We are always happy to see new coaches, and the start of the season always sees teams looking for coaches, right from Junior level, (Primary School), through to Premier A grade! Netball South Coach Lead Lana Morrison will be running a number of workshops throughout the season.

Dunedin Netball Clubs 

For Information on Netball Clubs in Dunedin who compete in our Dunedin Netball Premier and Senior grades please click on the button below and follow the links to each clubs page.

We have 11 clubs who particpate in our competitions. All of them have a unique philosophy, different benefits and particpation options (practice/non-practice, competitive/social-competitive) and all range in number of teams.

For new players who are still at school, see your Sports Coordinator or Teacher in Charge of Netball to find out when trials or sign up takes place for your school's teams.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


New Umpires

Umpires are an essential part of our great game! Without them, we would not be able to play. So it goes without saying, we are always excited to hear of new people who are keen to get involved in this aspect of the game.

For anyone interested in umpiring please click the button below which will take you to the Umpiring page. This page has links to our "umpire details" and "umpire unavailability" forms for umpires to complete if they would like to umpire this season. This page also has a number of resources that are helpful to any new umpires.