Aspiring NZ A/B/C Umpires

The NZ umpire awards start by completing the NZ Theory test. This is an in-depth theoretical questionnaire testing the umpire's knowledge of the game, application, and interpretation of the rules. Once completed, the umpire is eligible to gain their NZ A/B/C awards. These awards are awarded through screening and a final game assessment by qualified NZ assessors NZ endorsements are the upper end of the umpire pathway with tournament selections for NZ Open Champs and Under 18's coming from this umpire pool. 

*Must have current Zone Practical Endorsement*

NZ Theory Exams 2024

NZ Theory Exam 1

  • Exam Date - 10 June 2024
    • Applications Open - 16 April 2024
    • Applications Close - 20 May 2024

NZ Theory Exam 2

  • Exam Date - 19 August 2024
    • Applications Open - 25 June 2024
    • Applications Close - 29 July 2024​​​​​​​

Cost - All NNZ exams will be conducted online and cost $55

When looking to progress up the Umpiring Pathway an umpire must look at doing some fitness testing. This testing comes into consideration and is a pre-requisite for gaining your NZ C award or higher as well as being selected into some tournaments. Dunedin Netball offers umpires the ability to take these tests so they can achieve higher awards and tournament selection.
​​​​​​​The fitness test must be completed 2 weeks prior to the screening and endorsement of the umpire. Fitness testing needs to be run by an approved NNZ fitness tester so dates for testing will be advised closer to the date and advertised on our umpires Facebook page and Messenger chat.




Umpires selected by the NNZ Umpire Selectors for the NNZ Open Champs


1 August each year

Umpires selected by the NNZ Umpire Selectors for the NNZ Secondary Schools Champs


1 September each year

All umpires applying for NNZ U18 Champs


1 June each year

Umpires prior to screening for NZ B or NZ C, including endorsement


Within two weeks of the most recent fitness testing deadline

All other umpires (recommended)