We rely on our club and secondary school players to pick up a whistle and umpire each Saturday for the players in grades below them. Umpires are essential for Netball - without them we are unable to play the game we all love. We thank you in advance for helping us, and giving back to the community. Umpiring not only helps others enjoy the game, but can also help improve your own gameplay and understanding of the game.

This page contains resources that outline your role as an umpire before, during and after a game. It features simplified explanations of the most common rules/infringements that may appear during the game. We've included helpful tips and tricks from some of Dunedin's best umpires to help make you a better umpire and player.

If you wish to continue umpiring, we would love to help your growth. The Centre Umpire subpage contains a collection of helpful resources and a link to the Learning to Umpire Module on SportsTutor which is a prerequistie for gaining your centre award.

Feel free to contact [email protected] for further information regarding getting involved in umpiring at Dunedin Netball