Player of the Year               Most Improved Player

Primary A                 Keira Rooney                         Ruggaiyah Sher

Primary B               Annabel Keylard                     Caitlyn Stewart

Primary C                    Tilly May                               Zoe Steffens

Primary D                 Sienna Gutsell                       Brooke Clarke

Pimary E                  Penelope Hooper                   Rose Brorens

Red                           Navi Kaliyati                             Leah Chan

Black                        Imogen Hyde                            Zoe Perrin

Orange                      Holly Grant                            Madeline Stieller

White                       Lilana Gunther                   Harpar Ahkuoi- Scott


Congratulations to you all


Primary Sportsperson of the Year  - Keira Rooney       

Primary Team of the Year  - Primary A              

​​​​​​​Primary Coach of the Year  -  Ang Laing       

Primary Most Versatile Player  - Penelope Hooper           

Primary Most Dedicated Player  - Zara Munro & Sophie Yarham       

Yr 6 Emerging Player of the Year  - Navi Kaliyati   

Year 5/6 Team of the Year - Red Team                      

Year 5/6 Most Dedicated Player  - Isabella Laing 

​​​​​​​Presidents Trophy - Deb Keylard

Personality Trophy - Kylee Geary​​​​​​​

Services Award- Sonya Scott

Club Member of the Year -Tracey Buist & Nicki Moir

Junior Club Member of the Year - ​​​​​​Kayla Weston



Most Promising Junior Umpire - Zara Munro

Congratulations to you all