Please email our Treasurer [email protected] if you have any questions regarding subs or any other payments.

For any online payments to HRLNC - please use the bank account number below, use your name, transaction reference number or reason for payment as references e.g.  Anne Smith  SP111111  or Subs.

If you are paying for multiple things e.g. more than 1 players subs or subs + court fee + fundraising levy then please email us with a breakdown of the amounts you are paying.

Halswell Rugby League Netball Club

Westpac 03 1584 0016157 00

All subs must be paid before uniform collection. Payments can be made online using the account number above, or at a Westpac bank or Westpac ATM  

SUBS for 2024

Junior  Year 1- 4  $120

Primary  Year 5 & 6  $150 

Primary  Year 7 & 8  $160

Senior  $200 ( includes the $30 trial fee ) 

Prem 1 / 2 player  $240 ( includes $30 trial fee )

Senior A team only - extra $40 for Indoor training fees, this will be invoiced during the first round

Social $1200 per team

Masters $1870 per team

Fundraising Lev There will be a $25 Fundraising Levy in 2024 which is not included in the above Subs

​​​​​​​You can choose to pay a $25 Fundraising Levy OR take part in fundraising activity that the club has. This must be paid before you can collect your uniform. If you do not pay this fee, you will be expected to collect Cookie Time Cookies to sell.

Please note that this fundraising levy does not apply to Yr 1 - 4 players, non playing umpires & there is only 1 fee per family.

If paying online please either identify this as the fundraising levy or email us with a break down of your total payment.


Only Senior players pay a $30 trial fee. This is non refundable but becomes part of your Subs once you accept your place in a HRLNC team. You will need to pay the balance of the Sub listed above before Uniform Collection

We are no longer charging a Uniform bond except for Casual players. However your uniform must be returned in full, freshly laundered & with no excessive wear & tear at Uniform return - if this does not happen you will be charged a replacement cost & until this is paid you will not be cleared to play for HRLNC or another Club.

Any Casual player must pay $15 per game . If a uniform is required then a $25 Uniform bond must be paid before a uniform is given out.​​​​​​​

Please email our Treasurer [email protected] if you have any questions regarding subs or any other payments.