All HRLNC players are issued with a playing uniform consisting of a dress along with a jacket. Some teams are also issued with sports bags.

The uniform may only be worn for games and not for training. 

This uniform is the property of HRLNC & must be returned at the end of each season with no undue wear / tear & must be freshly laundered. If the uniform is deemed to need repair or replacment, the cost will be borne by the player.

Casual players will be charged a $25 uniform bond.

In conjunction with the issued uniform players may also wear black trackpants to keep warm whilst not on court, a black polyprop top may be worn under their playing top, black knickers / black spandex ( these are not to be longer than the dress/skirt), black or white socks & proper netball shoes ( these have suitable soles which grip the court ) which are in good condition.

All players must have long hair tied up, fingernails cut short, no piercings, no rings on with stones in & all rings should be taped. These requirements are for your safety & the safety of all players. on the court.

​​​​​​​All subs must be paid before a uniform will be issued.

Uniforms for Primary Yr 5 -8, Senior, Masters & Social players will be issued at Uniform collection on Sunday 7th April

Primary Year 5 & 6 and Year 7 & 8 = 1:30-2:00pm

Senior/ Social / Masters = 2:15-3:00pm

Players can purchase HRLNC merchandise including a hoodie, a short or long sleeved Training top, Rugby Jersey which they keep. Please view the merchandise tab on the main menu for more information and prices.

Junior Netball Year 1 - 4 players will be issued with a HRLNC top and it is to be worn with black shorts or black sports tights. This will be allocated at the start of the season once the Subs have been paid.