As part of the Core movements in the I Tai Chi system the 4 Reeling Silk exercises play an important role in the development of a students alignment and power. Referred to as circles, Each of the 4 Reeling silk circles has different characteristics in their application. Throughout a Tai Chi form, portions of a reeling silk circles structure are reflected within  90% of their movements & displays the movements of Warding, Pressing, Rolling and Pushing.

The 4 circles are divided into two categories.

Category 1. Rear hand circles

Category 2. Front hand circles.

Each category have a Positive  (+) and a Negative (-) Circle direction


If you step out with your left foot, then the right hand is the Rear hand, category 1. And the left hand is the front hand, Category 2.  From this position, Circles are practiced on the right hand in a  positive (+)  and then a negative (-) direction.

Continuing without moving the feet, the left foot is still stepped out. The left hand is the front hand.  Category 2. Front hand Circles are then practiced in a positive (+) and then a negative (-) direction.

Once all 4 circles have been practiced with the left foot forward when you step out with your right foot. Your left hand is now your rear hand.

The 4 circles in their two categories are repeated.