I have been attending Tai Chi Classes as a student of Wayne and Emma's since July 2010. I feel so blessed to have found Tai Chi. In the short time, I have gone from being a 20+  a day to an incredible zero that was the change in 30 days. The persistance to continue has lead to many other internal changes that I would only notice. The extended effect is that general cheerfulness has come over me. In general, I have increased strength and stamina. I have thoughly enjoyed the relaxation that Tai Chi promotes. Also, I have met new people. Tai chi is teaching me to be fit and ready for what life has for me. I am so happy and grateful that I have Tai chi in my life. Also grateful for the guidance of my Teachers. I have found the cost also is low so I can easily afford to attend 4 classes a week.

8 Feb 2011