The NZCPA Medal is our highest honour and is awarded to members who have made an outstanding contribution to the sport over a long period of time.

  • 2022 Jed Graham & Greg Oke
  • 2020 Kelly Walters
  • 2018 Cameron Butler, Penny Dustin, Maree Burnett
  • 2016 Andi Fear-Ross
  • 2015 Kirsten Demanser-Wilson
  • 2014 Michael Beauchamp
  • 2013 Sean Thomson
  • 2011 Peter Bolton
  • 2010 James Mitchell
  • 2009 Kris Claman (Worlledge)
  • 2008 Peter Housiaux
  • 2004 Phil Parry
  • 2003 Troy Lipsham

Policy wording:

4. New Zealand Canoe Polo Association Medal

4.1. New Zealand Canoe Polo Association Medals shall be awarded by the Association as it sees fit in order to recognise and reward any special contribution to Canoe Polo nationally.

(a) The Association Medal should be considered the highest award of the Association.

(b) More than one person may be awarded an Association Medal in any one year.

4.2. This award may only be won once by any person.