2024 World Championships Team Selections

Junior Paddle Ferns:

1 Hayley Austin

2 Hannah Hunt (vc)

3 Amy Alexander

4 Kayla Carne

6 Grace Henrickson

7 Ellery Nielson

8 Meaghan Broad (c)

Non traveling reserves 

  • Rebecca Davis
  • Sophia Coram-O'kane

Paddle Ferns:

1 Casey Hales

2 Klara Richter

3 Kate Blincoe (c)

4 Georgia Wheeler 

5 Tania Dugdale (vc)

6 Emma Taylor

7 Alyssa Shepherd 

8 Ava White

Non-travelling reserves:​​​​​​​

  • Jessica Azevedo-Leader 
  • Julie Bolton 
  • Mya Mataki-Wilson 

2024 World Championships - Bulletin 1

The 2024 ICF Canoe Polo World Championships will be held in Deqing, China, in October.

Please find info for parents/supporters to help them when making their own arrangements here.

2024 World Championships - Selectors Applications

NZCPA is now accepting applications for selectors for our teams competing at the World Championships in 2024.

Applications to be completed by: 31st December 2023

Selector Application Form

2024 World Championships - Assistant Coaches

NZCPA is seeking coaching applications for the 2024 World Championships. 

We are looking to fill one position for Assistant Coaches:

  • Senior Men’s team Assistant Coach

We are looking for coaches that will assist the head coaches with planning and implementation of training camps.  We will be looking for coaches who have strong technical skills, are willing to uphold our strong team culture and have good people skills.

The assistant coaching positions to the Senior and U21’s teams will not be required to travel to the World Champions in China but will be required to attend all training camps up to leaving for China. Role descriptions are available on the NZCPA website.

If you think that one of these positions may be right for you then please contact Jacqui Frost, NZCPA Coaching Manager, [email protected] and/or submit your application. This is an exciting opportunity to work alongside and be part of our potential medal winning teams. 

Applications close 5pm, 17th November 2023. We will be looking to appoint these roles as soon as possible to assist with Worlds planning. 

Please state in your application which team you are interested in coaching. ​​​​​​​

Application form

New Zealand Selected Teams - Oceania 2023

Paddle Blacks - Senior Men's A Team

Liam Frost

Alex Lowen

Anto Massarotto

Phil Massarotto

Marshall Norbitt

Connor Taylor

Josh Vivian

Paddle Ferns - Senior Women's Team

Jessica Azevedo-Leader

Casey Hales

Millie Hannam

Mya Mataki-Wilson

Alyssa Shepherd (c)

Georgia Wheeler

Ava White

Paddle Blacks - Senior Men's B Team

Joe Easley

James Gilroy

Canon Larsen

Nick Martin

Rod McDonald

Vincent Prigent

Matt Sawyer

Adriaan Steyn

Junior Paddle Blacks - U21 Men's A Team

Jago Alcock (C)

Kai Alcock

Jack Brookes

Jadyn Field

Scott Gray

Jacob McLaughlin

Luke Shepherd

Tyler Walters (VC)

Junior Paddle Ferns - U21 Women's A Team

Ellery Nielsen

Grace Henricksen

Hannah Hunt (VC)

Hayley Austin

Kaitlyn Adams

Meaghan Broad (C)

Rebecca Davis

Sophia Coram-O'Kane

Junior Paddle Blacks - U21 Men's B Team

​​​​​​​William Broderick

Reuben Brown

Ben Dunbar

Cameron Gemmell (VC)

Stevan Hamblyn (C)

Beau Heibner

Noah Jensen

Junior Paddle Ferns - U21 Women's B Team

Holly Andrews (C)

Jordan Dunford

Katie Donnelly

Lara Carson (VC)

Sophie Hazelwood

Sophie Tasker

Zoe Dunbar

Junior Paddle Blacks - U18 Men's A Team

Bowen Abraham

Thomas Bishop

Rylin Glenny

Sam Hawinkels

Tom Hawinkels (VC)

George Hunt

Liam McEwan (C)

Khan Smith

Junior Paddle Ferns - U18 Women's A Team

Amy Alexander (VC)

Charlotte Connell

Eila Donaghy

Abby Jacob

Elleanor King

Meg Ronberg

Jordy Thompson

Mackenzie True (C)

Junior Paddle Blacks - U18 Men's B Team

Oliver Arcus

Blaise Coulbeck

Alec Cresswell

Tobey Hughes

Ben Pettersson

Thomas Roberts

Liam Tane-Foulds

Brandon Weston

Junior Paddle Ferns - U18 Women's B Team​​​​​​​

Mikylah Stewart-Thomas (VC)

Holly McLaughlin

Annabelle Paddison

Seanna Bennitt

Sophia Pinkney

Annabel Koko-Price (C)

Elise Teddy

Tayla Hook

Master's A Team - 35+  (Competing in the Senior Men’s category)

Anthony Barendsen-Vernooij

Mike Cook

Jason Dalziell

James Mitchell

Karl Reece

Justin Tate

Mike Taylor (C)

Vet's Team - 45+

John Frost

Carl Massarotto (VC)

Greg Sawyer

Jeremy Hearn

Jan Adriaan Steyn

Aaron Vazey

Stacey Verner (C)

Peter Housiaux

Master's B Team - 35+ (Competing in the +45 Category but unable to medal)

Gavin Brunton

Jay Burgess (VC)

Cameron Butler (C)

Anthony Nicholls (VC)

Marchy Pang

Jonathan Persson

2023 Oceania Player Information

​​​​​​​Masters/Vets Players

Masters is 35+

Vets is 45+

Applications closed on Friday 28th July 2023 at 6pm

Please note that we are trialling this application form on our new Sporty CRM system. The application form has the option to upload a photo of yourself in your formal NZCPA polo top, with a white/cream background. This isn't a required action at this point.

Proposed camp dates and venue(s) for Veteran's Open teams are:

Selection weekend 9-10th September (Otaki)

Training weekend 14-15th October (Palmerston North)

Training weekend 18/19th November (Palmerston North)

No camps have been planned for Open Masters or Women's only Veterans or Masters at this stage, due to no coach being appointed for those grades.

Senior Men's Players

Applications have re-opened and closed on Sunday 13th August at 6pm.  Late applications will NOT be accepted.

It is proposed to have 3 trial camps and 2 selected team training camps prior to departing for Singapore.  Dates of the camps are:

1st trial camp June 24-25 (Auckland - TBC)

2nd trial camp 22-23 July (HB)

3rd trial camp 2-3 September (Palmerston North) - Selection camp

4th camp 23-24 September  (Venue TBC)

5th camp 14-15 Oct (Venue TBC)

6th camp - 18-19 Nov (Venue TBC)

​​​​​​​Senior Women / U21W / U18W Players

Applications closed on the 16th of June at 6pm. Late applications will NOT be accepted.

Proposed camp dates are for women's camps ONLY:

12th-13th August - trial camp 1 - Palmerston North

2nd-3rd September - trial camp 2 - Hawke's Bay

Selection - TBC

30 Sept - 1st Oct - team camp 1 - TBC

28/29 October - team camp 2 - TBC

​​​​​​​Venues TBC 

​​​​​​​U21 Men and U18 Men Players

​​​​​​​The closing date for applications was Friday 12th May 2023 at 6pm.  Late applications will NOT be accepted.

For those flying to camps, you must arrive on Friday night, preferably before 9pm and leave after 2.30pm on the Sunday. Transport will be arranged for you from the airport to camp and return to the airport.

Camps dates for U21 men and U18 men:

Trial camp dates and venues are as follows:

27th-28th May 2023 - Palmerston North

1st-2nd July 2023 - Hawkes Bay 

Training camp dates for selected teams:

2nd-3rd September 2023 - Palmerston North

28th-29th October 2023 - Hawkes Bay

2nd-3rd December 2023 - Palmerston North (TBC)

2023 Oceania Masters and Vets Coach Applications

Masters and Vets Coaches Application Form

Use this application form to apply to become a coach of our masters and vets teams representing New Zealand at the 2023 Oceania Championships in December.

2023 Oceania Championships  and 2024 World Championships Coaching and Managers Team

NZCPA are pleased to announce our Coaching Team for 2023 Oceania and 2024 World Championships. 

Our head coaching staff are as follows:

  • Senior Women: Andrew McFadzean

  • Senior Men: Andy Candy

  • U21 Men: Oliver Morritt

  • U21 Women: Callum Wilde

  • They will be assisted in their roles by:

  • Senior Women Assistant Coach: Emma Sutherland

  • Senior Men Assistant Coach: TBC

  • U21 Men Assistant Coach: Carl Massarotto

  • U21 Women Assistant Coach: Hayley Cameron

Our U18 Oceania Coaching staff are as follows:

  • U18 women’s coach: Kate Blincoe

  • U18 assistant women’s coach: John Frost

  • U18 men’s coach: Ben Colman

  • U18 assistant men’s coach: Josh Gray

Our Masters/Vets Oceania Coaching staff are as follows:

  • Mens Vets Head Coach: Harry Dickons

NZCPA are pleased to announce our Managers Team for 2023 Oceania and 2024 World Championships. 

Our Senior teams managers are:

  • Senior Men manager: Ainsley Massarotto
  • Senior Women manager: Jannell Eade

Our U21 Managers are as follows:

  • U21M A team manager: Meryn Hinton
  • U21M B team manager: Tracey Brookes
  • U21W A team manager: Grainne Kelly
  • U21W B team manager: Laureen King

Our U18 Oceania Managers are as Follows:

  • U18M A team manager: Sharyn Heibner
  • U18M B team manager: Elizabeth Marama
  • U18W A team manager: Bronwyn Jensen
  • U18W B team manager:​​​​​​ Anna Hocquard

Our Master's and Vet's Oceania Managers are as follows:

  • Vet's manager: Paul Dickons

Closed Applications