The Paddle Blacks

The New Zealand Men’s Team has competed at the World Championships (held in even years) since the inaugural event in 1994 (with the exception of 2000). In recent years they have shown continuous  improvement in their World rankings as follows: 19th 2002, 13th 2004, 12th 2006, 8th 2008, 5th 2010,13th 2012, 7th 2014, 5th 2016. The Paddle Blacks finished 5th at the 2018 World Champs in Canada. They came 7th place at the 2022 World Games in Birmingham, USA. The Paddle Blacks finished 11th place at the 2022 World Championships in Saint Omar, France.

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2022 World Games Selected Paddle Blacks Team

Liam Bowden

Jason Dalziell

Nevan Hadley (C)

Sam Hapeta

Cole Hawkins

Alex Lowen (VC)

Phil Massarotto

Josh Vivian

Mitch Graham - reserve

2022 World Championships Selected Paddle Blacks Team

Josh Duncan

Matthew Fiso

Jade Johnson

Rod McDonald

Marshall Norbit

Matt Patient

Karl Reece

Connor Taylor

The U21 Paddle Blacks 

The New Zealand U21 Paddle Blacks have been competing at the World Championships since 2012. Their current world ranking is 6th.

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2022 World Championships Selected U21 Paddle Blacks Team

1 - Ben Colman

2 - Jago Alcock

3 - Tyler Walters - non-travelling reserve

4 - Phil Massarotto

5 - Anthony Massarotto

6 - Toby Mills

7 - Liam Frost

8 - Jakob Parry

9 - Damon Dickons