Association History

The Otago Amateur Weightlifting Association was formed in 1939; it is the oldest organization of its type in New Zealand. In the early days the OAWLA was involved in strength and physique competitions; today it is involved in Olympic and Powerlifting.

It has members as far north as Waimate and in the south Invercargill and west as far as Queenstown.

The OAWLA’s mission is to foster the sport of weightlifting for all ages and abilities. It will govern the sport fairly and efficiently, to provide fair competition for all according to their status and ability. Through its development programmes it will lead by example by encouraging involvement for anyone wishing to partake in the sport of weightlifting.

The club has a dedicated core of members with extensive knowledge in both forms of weightlifting and can also produce training plans for those who want to use weight training for cross training for other sports.

If there are past members who have any information about the association's history we would love to hear from you.  Click Here