Fundamentals - novice

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The NZPF defines a Novice as someone who has never competed in a Powerlifting competition. A Novice is permitted to compete in one competition without registering with the NZPF. Anyone who has competed once and wishes to continue to compete is required to join their local Association and register with the NZPF.

The New Zealand Powerlifting Federation (NZPF) is New Zealand's official powerlifting organisation. The NZPF is a member of the International Powerlifting Federation. Competitions are run by the NZPF's six associations throughout NZ. The competitions have age and weight classes.

Age classes

Sub-Junior (under 14-17 years)
Junior (under 18-23 years)
Open (anyone)
Master I (40-49 years)
Master II (50-59 years)
Master III (60-69 years)
Master IV (70-79 years & women 70+)
Master V (80+ years - men only)

Weight classes


53kgs (sub-junior and junior only)     59kgs      66kgs      74kgs      83kgs      93kgs      105kgs      120kgs    120+kgs

43kgs (sub-junior and junior only)     47kgs      52kgs      57kgs      63kgs      69kgs      76kgs      84kgs      84+kgs