We teach people the fundamentals of the sport one on one for an hour long session once a week for 4 weeks - this is completely free.

After this if you decide you are keen to continue, you start paying membership outlined below and we set you up with a training programme and continued support with accessible coaches at training every night.

Only catch for training at the gym is that we ask you to commit to a minimum of one competition per year which we completely support you with.

To train the the Fryatt St Clubrooms you need to pay:

WNZ registration; https://weightlifting.nz/registrations/


Clubroom membership:
- Competitive, Senior - $500 per annum
- Competitive, Junior (20 and under) - $300 per annum
- Competitive, Full Time Student - $300 per annum
- Family Monthly Membership for 2+ children - $25 first child, $10 per extra child

Non clubroom membership - $5 per annum

Click here for registration: https://forms.gle/A49oFrrLYHprL5r19


Head Coach (offers remote coaching/programming)  - Callan Helms

Coach - Mark White​​​​​​​

Remote coaching/programming - Declan Ward

​​​​​​​Club Manager - Shanaya Cunningham