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NZPF Bylaw - effective 1 September 2012

Any NZPF member intending to compete, or participate in an official capacity, in any powerlifting related event (whether a competition or otherwise) that is not sanctioned by the NZPF or an IPF or an IPF affiliated Federation must first obtain the written consent of the NEC, which shall have the absolute discretion whether or not to grant the consent..

If a member competes or participates in such a non sanctioned event without the NEC's consent his/her membership of the NZPF, and/or any affiliated association, shall face disciplinary action which could include suspension or termination of NZPF and affiliated membership from the date of such competing or participation.

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Team Events

South Island and National Championships are team events and as such a lifter is expected to compete as a team member and contribute towards team points. Therefore the team manager may request that you adjust you lifting weights to ensure the team points are maximised. Should a lifter fail to conduct themselves as a team member they may risk non-selection for future team events, particularly where they have failed to meet the qualifying standard.

All lifters must be current financial members to their respective Provincial Association and the NZPF (including at the time when they qualified), and MUST have been on the NZPF “Out of Contest Drug Testing Programme” for THREE months immediately prior to the National Championship in which they wish to compete.

Those who do not meet these criteria will not be allowed to compete.

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Drug Testing
Drug Testing may be conducted at ANY NZPF sanctioned contests. This includes all contests held by
Provincial Associations for financial lifters, who MUST ALL be registered on the “NZPF Out of
Contest Drug Testing Programme” at the time of lifting.

Please note that any positive tests will result in a ban, determined by Drug Free NZ, depending on the severity and ranging from 3 months, two years or possibly life. Also should any competitor test positive in an international competition that person is liable for a fine from the IPF (currently it is approximately 550 euro).

Cannabis is a banned substance, even if used recreationally therefore if you are competing we recommend you avoid using it.