Novice - definition
The NZPF defines a Novice as someone who has never competed in a Powerlifting competition. A Novice is permitted to compete in one competition without registering with the NZPF. Anyone who has competed once and wishes to continue to compete is required to join their local association and register with the NZPF.​​​​​​​

New membership
Membership for Southern Powerlifting and New Zealand Powerlifting Federation is from April 1st 2022 to 31 March 2023. Click here to join as a member.

Note all these fees cover NZPF registration and Southern Powerlifting membership. You need to complete both forms. New members please provide a photo ID. Membership is not valid until payment is received.

Please note that to compete in any event run by the Otago Amateur Weightlifting Association you must be registered with the NZPF unless the event is your very first competition as described above.

International Competitions

Looking to compete or officiate at any of the international events in the next 12 months - you need to complete the the application form.

Application to compete or team official at international event
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If you need assistance with any of these forms please contact Southern Powerlifting

Anna at southernpowerlifting@gmail.com