High Performance Culture – Do you have what it takes?

Lots of sporting teams and professional sporting Clubs talk up having or wanting a “High Performance Culture”.

Do you have what it takes to create and sustain a High Performance Culture?

Think you’ve already got one??

Why? Because you’ve got a new gym and lots of expensive equipment? Because you’ve got some really talented players? Because you’ve just recruited a world class coach?

Think again………………..

IT MAY BE A WIRED WORLD, but having good people skills is still an absolute requirement for business success. To achieve business goals you need to be able to get on with a range of people and communicate with them positively.

As a coach this is an essential and an important part of our role, this is a fantastic enlightening and FUN book that will give you the tools to work with all types of personalities and much more!

Please register your interest by visiting the link below to learn all about Balance is Better


Who is this for?

Coaches – this webinar is for all coaches working with young people. We recognise the important role you play in creating a safe, positive and enjoyable environments.

Parents – we also welcome parents of youth participants to join and learn more about Balance is Better and how great coaches create quality environments.

Andy Rogers

Andy is a National Sport Development Consultant at Sport NZ, and lead of the coaching and coach development work within the Sport NZ Sport Development team. Andy is also a regular Trainer of the ICCE / NCDA Coach Developer Academy in Japan.

Dr Sergio Lara-Bercial

Sergio is an influential global coach educator. He is the founder and director of the international youth sport coaching movement iCoachKids, a leader in sports coaching at Leeds Beckett University in England, and the Manager for Strategy and Development for the International Council for Coaching Excellence. Previously, Sergio coached high performance basketball for eight years in the English Women First Division and was a Team GB Coach, going to five European Championships. In 2008, he started working for UK Coaching consulting for governing bodies. There, he also led the development of the Coaching Children Strategy and the Coaching Children Curriculum.